Kimberly Elise Net Worth

Who is Kimberly Elise and what is her net worth 2018? Who says Black is not beautiful? One has to look at the photos of Kimberly Elise to dispel any doubts that colored people can be as beautiful if not more than their white counterparts are. Born on 17 April 1967, Kimberly Elise Trammel is an American TV and film actor known for her powerful performance in Beloved. One of the four daughters of Emma Jean, a teacher, and Marvin Trammel, a businessperson, Kimberly stood out because of her exquisite beauty and innocence.

Her first feature film, Set It Off did not exactly set the lakes in Minnesota on fire. However, she followed this up with a power-packed performance in Beloved. Having received critical acclaim for her performance, she won the Most Promising Female Actor award as well. She had a nomination for the Best Supporting actor at the Chicago Film Critics Association Awards. She won the Golden Satellite Award for the same role.

Kimberly Elise Net Worth 2018-2019

She had a memorable role to play in the television movie, The Ditchdigger’s Daughters, A Black Family’s Astonishing Success Story. Within two years of joining the film industry, she had the opportunity to work with Oprah Winfrey and Danny Glover. Among her memorable roles, you can count her performance as an HIV-positive woman in Girlfriends.

She is a beautiful woman. There should be no two opinions about it. It is very surprising that she did not have any affairs in spite of being beautiful. She married Maurice Oldham in 1989. The couple has two lovely daughters. The pair separated in 2005. Maurice died soon after in 2007 because of a massive blood clot.

Education: Not many details are available about her formal education. She lived her younger days in Minnesota along with her three siblings. However, there are reports of Kimberly joining the American Film Institute as a Directing Fellow. She did her BA in Mass Communications from the University of Minnesota. Hence, you can say this is a good case of beauty and brains working together.

Kimberly Elise Net Worth

Kimberly Elise is net worth around $2.4 million. This makes her an actor in the millionaire club. She is very active in the film and the TV scene as on date as well. Hence, you can always expect her net worth to rise. She has been in this industry since 1996 and has performed some memorable roles in the past. Hence, her net worth should be acceptable.

She had a grand mansion in Hollywood Hills that she sold off last year for $1.42 million. With her net worth, it should not be surprising if she has all the possible material assets. She has close ties with her family and considers them her biggest assets. Her daughters are now grown up. They look up to her as an ideal. Her biggest strengths are her two daughters. Her eleven awards won during her career can also count as her assets.

With a good height of 5 ft 7 in, she has the perfect figure to succeed in Hollywood as an actor of repute. In addition, she has an enviable figure, stunning to look at while wearing a two-piece.

She is a tremendous actor having won many awards including the critical acclaim awards. These are the ones usually difficult to achieve. She won the Best Actor in a Female role many times in her life.

One of the few women to have never appeared in the buff on the screen, Kimberly is an actor with principles. She wants to set an example to her children that you need not necessarily strip on the screen to become successful. With her body measurements of the highest order, she is already a sort of a sex symbol. However, she is still famous for her cute smile that can surely set the Minnesota lakes on fire.