Katrina Law Net Worth

Who is Katrina Law and what is her net worth 2018? Katrina Law is a popular American actress. She is more famous for playing roles in some movies like as a Mira in the Starz television series and Nyssa al Ghul on the CW television series of arrow.

Katrina Law was born on 30th September, 1985 in the Philadelphia. She grew up in Deptford, New Jersey. When Katrina Law was at 17, she was crowned with Miss Teen USA Pageant as a New Jersey’s ambassador.

Katrina Law Net Worth 2018-2019

Katrina Law’s parents met during the Vietnam War. Her father was a mix of German and Italian culture, who is serving in the U.S. armed forces. Her mother is a Buddhist and she was living in Taiwan. There she was working as a bartender. This mixture of her father and mother cultures taught Katrina tolerance, patience, understanding and humour as a child and she still like this.

Katrina Law had additional power and she knew what to do with that. Her mother was familiar with this from the beginning age. So, she added Katrina in a mixture of activities like dance classes, gym classes, karate lessons, soccer practice and voice coaching.

Katrina Law’s mother probably had tried all the activities at least once. Even when Katrina Law graduated from her high school then her yearbook was packed with a lot of photos of her. The yearbook photo includes her Track team, Soccer Team, Cheerleading Squad and even the photos of Weightlifting Team also. Katrina Law was also a member of The National Honors Society. She went on to stand for the state at finals on the national television and there she won the Miss New Jersey Teen USA title.

In 2013, Katrina Law married with Keith Andreen. He is fellow actor of Katrina Law.

Katrina Law also serves as the front singer within her band well-known as Soundboard Fiction. She is also a bass player. She made the first appearance of woman’s television by an episode of TV series Third View. She has also performed in some extra shows like: Throw and played repeating roles in Spartacus: Blood and Fine sand, Legend of the Seeker and in Reba.

She completed her graduation degree with a Theater degree from The Richard Stockton College of NJ. Then she continued her acting education in the some big cities of Philadelphia and New York. She not only get deeper in acting form but also she grind herself on the business of acting. She earned her S.A.G. eligibility on the set of Numbers in the New York City. When she booked a Guest superstar on NY’s “The Third Watch” she joined S.A.G.

Katrina law began her acting career in 2000. She starts her career with first movie motion picture named ‘lucky Numbers’. After that she performed in various other films such as Third Watch, Reba, A new tomorrow, Choker, Legend of the Seeker and other.

Katrina Law worked with producers and director to create a low budget The Resistance series. In 2009 her performance helps her to cast in the Spartacus: Blood and Sand.

In 2011, Katrina Law worked with Ross Ching, producers Don Le and George Wang, she successfully completed an action-oriented project 3 Minutes. She got another series to perform in.

In 2013, she has had a returning role Arrow as Nyssa al Ghul on The CW television series. She performed as the daughter of the notorious leader of the League of Assassins and Ra’s al Ghul.

Katrina Law is famous for her role as a Ani Bailey in movie third watch, Morgan Brooks in Reba, and as a Kate in 44 Minutes: The North Hollywood Shoot-Out movie. She has also performed in Third Watch, Reba, Chuck, and Legend of the Seeker and more, which are episodes of the TV series. Katrina Law is recently working on the TV series ‘arrow’. Katrina Law has performed in the movies like Emmett’s Mark, All In, A New Tomorrow, Stiletto, Alpha Males Experiment, Apparition, Checkmate, 12 Gifts of Christmas, Death Valley and more.

Katrina Law Net Worth

Katrina Law’s estimated net worth is $2.5 million. All this net worth has been accumulated from all the television series, web series and movies she has done till date.

After working in so many films, television series, web series and dramas, Katrina Law won Best Actress award for Apparition in First Glance Film Festival in year 2016.

Katrina Law having talent in various domains of acting, has always won the hearts of many by her hard work and obsession for her profession. She is quite active on social media and has a 258.9K followers on Instagram. With all her zeal for work she will make a great and successful career in future.