Kate Mansi Net Worth

Who is Kate Mansi and what is her net worth 2018? Kate Mansi is a famous American actress. She is well known for her role as an Abigail Deveraux from Days of Our Lives. Her full name is Katharine Theresa Rose Morris.

Kate Mansi was born on 15th September 1987 in Calabasas, California, USA. Her mother was a talented dancer. She also has a sister named Alexa. Her family is Italian-Irish ancestry.

Kate Mansi Net Worth 2018-2019

She completed her Bachelor of Arts degree in film from the Pepperdine University, Southern California. Kate Mansi followed her career as a dancer on the footstep of her mother.

Career: From childhood, she developed her interest in dance. She also took dance classes. When she was 15 years, she joined. pacific festival Ballet and there she performed in some show like Nutcracker, Bambi, Peter Pan, and Heaven and Hell. She also won second prize in her college in the National Womack Speech Competition. After completing her graduation, she focused on her career in acting.

She also performed in several commercial advertisements. Firstly, she performed a small role on How I Met Your Mother, in 2008. She was also picked up as a new cast member for the soap opera Days of Our Lives; it was the major step forward moment for her. In the daytime soap Days of Our Lives, she performed a role of Abigail Deveraux. In 2011, she joined that show and still she is a part of that show. In 2015, she performed well in the film Muse. In 2016, she performed as Amy Thomas in a television film named Unwanted Guest.

With her acting, she has also become visible in some commercials and public relations, this happened when she decided to become a social worker. She worked as a volunteer to help people with Outreach in Haiti.

Kate Mansi has always treated animals as a crucial part of her family. She has always liked dogs and horses. Her father was a great motivation for both the sisters; hence they appreciated animals since childhood. A boxer breed dog was her first family dog and they named him Murphy.

Kate always gives credit to her grandmother, Helen Caldwell, for inspiring her. Her grandmother being a strong and bold lady always chased her dreams and always crossed every hurdle to achieve her dream. Kate wants to make her grandmother proud and live her life the way she wants with every moment.

Kate’s father, Jeff Morris is another pillar in her life that has always been there during her life and success. Her father has always been a source of inspiration in various aspects. He has always guided her through the tough times and made her learn from the mistakes. He always motivated her to reach the next level and achieves more.

Kate always wanted to be in the entertainment industry but accidentally she joined acting. Her dream was to be dancer, actress and a singer as well. She wanted to be dancer on Broadway.

Kate Mansi Net Worth

The net worth of Kate Mansi is around $3.2 million. Mansi has also a very big hearted soul. She always volunteer to raise money for Charity. She has started a movement for Charity: Water to raise $20,000, in 2013. When she achieved the success in raising full amount, she wrote it in her Twitter account.

Being so much active in volunteering the noble causes and raising funds for charity, she is among the very kind hearted people in the industry. Kate is exceptionally talented and she is one of the most grounded actresses with a special motto to spread love. She is also active on social media and can be reached on her official Twitter and Instagram pages.