Josie Davis Net Worth

Who is Josie Davis? What is net worth of Josie Davis? Josie Rebecca Davis is an American actress and producer born on 7th March 1973 (44 years) in Los Angeles, California, United States. From a very young age (3 years) she started doing commercials and made strong roots in the industry. She acted in films and television during her teenage as well.

It was not until 24 when she auditioned and got selected as one of the two people selected for the Actors Studio that year. She has acted in a large number of TV shows like Charles in – charge, Silk Stalking’s, Dead at 21, Baywatch, L.A. Heat, Nash Bridges and a lot more.

Josie Davis Net Worth 2017-2018

She signed a contract for 4 seasons for the serial Charles in Charge. Films were also on her list, she acted tremendously from her first film Beach House in 1995 and gained a lot of attention. She went on to perform in a number of films like Slammed, Lotto, Be my Baby, The Cursed, Twilight, Sonny and the most recent one Backstabbed in 2016. She also recently appeared on the Ken Reid’s TV Guidance podcast on 27th May of the last year.

Education: There is no current record of the actress’s education or formal schooling. She had been involved in the industry from a tender age and appeared in shows and films from teenage itself, though she started studying acting with Paul E. Richards at the actors studio there is no further information available.

Josie Davis Net Worth

The actress has an approximate net worth of USD $4.5 million dollars as of 2017 as is continuously increasing. She owes her worth to the TV serials she is involved in especially Charles in Charge, Silk Stalking’s and Hollywood Heights etc.

Josie Davis Business Model: –

The actress charges a handsome amount for being present in an event or function and can be contacted for the same. She also represents a number of companies and endorses their respective brands and also receives a ton of sponsorships. Award functions and special or guest appearances are also chargeable. Other than this she also charges a hefty amount for each film she is starred in, not to mention the TV serials and episodes.

The amazing actress got awarded as well as nominated for her performance in the same series named Charles in Charge In 1984. In 1990 and 1991 she got nominated by the Young Artist Award in two different categories namely Best Young Actress in off – primetime series and Best Young actress in off – primetime family serial. But unfortunately she didn’t win any of the two. Though in 1989 she won an award in the Best Young Actress in a Family Syndicated Show category in the same Young Artist Awards.

The actress had a pretty happening relationship life. She was rumoured to be dating Jacob Young and it was made official when they talked about it to the media. But this relationship did not last long and they broke up a few years ago leaving Davis as available.

The actress has been staying under the shades for a long time now. She hasn’t come out to make a comment not there is any record of her signing for another movie.

The actress had a decided future from the age of 3 when she entered the industry through TV commercials. She planned and headed in the right direction accordingly to reach the current position of an actress as well as a producer. She has a number of awards and nominations in her name adding to the fame and glory she received by her performance on different platforms. She had a personality were she was never ready to give up.

She stayed strong and did her best with all the movies she committed. Even though her personal life had many issues , nothing affected her love to acting. She is a beautiful actress with really great talent.