Jordyn Jones Net Worth 2018

Who is Jordyn Jones and what is her net worth 2018? A famous American born in Kalamazoo, Michigan on 13th March 2000, Jordyn Jones/Jords was born to Kelly Jones, Mother and Tim Jones, Father. She has 2 siblings – Skyler Timothy Jones and Casey Schreffler. She is an artist with talent in many areas genuinely. She is a dancer, singer and an actress.


She started her career as a dancer. Her talent was noticed by her parents and encouraged her to learn dance at a very early age. She started off with the Hip Hop dance style. She has participated in many local dancing competitions. Once she had finished her dancing, she started to learn music and sang many songs. She then started to post music videos on famous social media networks – youtube and Vevo. Her videos were followed by many and her fame grew.

Jordyn Jones Net Worth

By the time she turned 10 years old, she was already participating in many national competitions and reality shows on TV. In 2012, she won the fifth position in the “Abby’s Ultimate Dance competition”. Reload Music Group, who do the agency work for budding artists, embraced Jordyn Jones and she landed with many offers to participate in TV shows.

The Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice awards offered Jordyn to host the show in 2014. Also, later that year she starred in two more youtube videos – “coked up” and “dance camp”. “Dance Camp” was a raging hit on the social media network and it went viral. She is expected to get more TV show offers as per many critics.

Her fame grew with her music video on youtube “Fancy” which was sung by Iggy Azalea. Though she found a lot a fame in the song, she was criticised for just copying the song and not using her creativity. She is best known for staying away from controversies but there was a major controversy over one video in “Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition”. She was dressed in skimpy clothes which made many critics question and criticise her parents for allowing her to do so. However, Jordyn was quite unaffected by this controversy.

Alongside the video “Fancy” she also released “Lip Gloss” both of which received around 13.5 million views. She has also released many more song covers and dance tutorials. During summer 2015, she released her first original song “I’m Dappin”. In 2016, she released two more original songs “Fiyacracka” and “Bruh!”.

Net Worth of Jordyn Jones

Jordyn Jones has a net worth of $1 million. Her official youtube channel has won her 730,000+ subscribers. She is one of the top 10 richest teenage artists.

Apart from dancing and music, she is also an actress. She has started acting in a film. She also participates in charitable activities to help underprivileged people in need. Also, she has expressed the interest in helping people if any organisation approaches her. She wants to be a philanthropist as well.

She owns her official youtube channel with the name “Jordyn Jones”. She has posted many music videos, dance tutorials, and beauty videos. Some of her famous songs are –

“I’m Dappin”
“U Already Know”
“Let it snow”
“Lip Gloss”
“This is how we do”
“Lips are moving”

Jordyn Jones has now associated herself with the Beach Bunny Swimwear’s active line – B\FIT and is collaborating with them in their upcoming collection.

Jordyn posted on Instagram for her fan club stating “my new Christmas cover of ‘let it snow’ is out now link in bio for the full vid”.

Brandon Westenberg is the new boyfriend of Jordyn Jones.

Jordyn Jones has achieved a lot as compared to other kids of the same age. She is multi-talented. She has huge potential. She also has a lot of TV offers coming in and has started acting in movies. Let’s wish good luck for her future endeavours. 🙂 🙂