Joan Severance Net Worth

Who is Joan Severance and what is her net worth 2018? Joan Severance is an American actress with a modelling background and is best known for her great roles in See No Evil, Hear No Evil, a 1989 comedy, No Holds Barred and Birds on Wire. The actress was recognised for her distinguishing role in a TV series Wiseguy as a villainess. Even nearing her retirement, she continues to work in movies and television.

Joan Marie Severance was born in Houston on December 23, 1958, to Martha and John Severance. Being a System Manager in IBM, he father had to relocate very frequently around the continents. While they were in Libya in 1967, a six-day-war had led them to leave the country. Eventually, the family returned to Texas and settled there. She attended Westbury High School where she was known for her striking looks.

Joan Severance Net Worth

Soon she started modelling and won the “Miss Houston” beauty pageant when she was just 15 years old. Although she aspired to become a veterinarian, she caught the attention of a local photographer, Alan Martin. He introduced her to John Casablancas, who signed her with “Elite modelling agency” and went to Paris for the assignment at the age of 18; from where her modelling career bloomed.

During her Paris assignment, Severance met fellow model Eric Milan and got married in 1977. They stated together for nearly seven years and got divorced agreeably in 1984. She is currently with Rom Gemar, who is a cinematographer.

While she was in Paris, Severance made it to the fronts of several international magazines. She posed for top brands like Channel, Vogue Paris, Versace and other top designers. After completion of eight months in Paris, she moved to New York to make her mark on the U.S. market and quite quickly was signed for several commercials.

As Severance was doing well in her modelling career, her friend Robin Leach insisted her to audition for movies. After auditioning for roles, she made her first acting appearance in 1987 in Lethal Weapon.

Severance has appeared in over fifteen movies, with most of her roles as femme fatale in horror and thriller movies. Some of her notable movies are Lake Consequence in 1993, Criminal Passion of 1994 and Payback in 1995. She had got a leading role for Black Scorpion in 1995 and The Late Seduction II in 1999. In 1997, she produced and starred in a sequel of Black Scorpion, Black Scorpion II: Aftershock.

Some of her other television series are Wicked Wicked Games in 2006. Out of many popular TV shows, CSI: Miami of 2002, Masters of Sex of 2013, One Tree Hill of 2003, and American Horror Story: Asylum in 2013 are a few mentioned.

Though Severance has received appreciation for her several roles in movies and television shows, there is no record of her receiving any official award.

Joan Severance Net worth

Severance apart from movies and series has appeared in some music videos too. She can be seen in Scorpions’ video of “Rhythm of Love”.

She has also written a book: Manifest Your Mate: a Journal for Attraction, and is working on her second one. Apart from entertainment ventures, she owned and was a chef of an upstate New York restaurant. She has also taught certain advertisement acting classes. Her estimated net worth is $6.5 Million.

Severances’ bold attitude was brought to light when she featured herself bare on the cover of Playboy magazine editions of 1990 and 1992. The same was seen quite recently as well when she appeared in the Genlux magazine in a six-page interview at the age of 52 in 2011.

The actress is passionate about other ventures like supporting financially those who are undergoing treatment for Vitiligo. She is keen about natural medicines and that’s why she is studying the same to become a doctor.

Since 1985, she has also been working with B-Specific as an interior designer.