Jo Jo Siwa Net Worth

Who is Jo Jo Siwa? What is net worth of Jo Jo Siwa? JoJo Siwa is an American dancer, actress, model and internet personality. Joelle Joniel Siwa was born on May 19, 2003, in Omaha, Nebraska, United States and has stage name Jo Jo Siwa. She is best known for her participation as the youngest competitor at Abby’s dance competition season two and another reality television show Dance mom.

Moreover, she is quite popular on the internet for her YouTube channel and other social media accounts. This 13-year-old American Dancer, singer, TV personality, and model have just launched her own dancewear in 2014. Her song ”Boomerang” has been viewed over 150 million times on Youtube.

Jo Jo Siwa Net Worth 2017-2018

This little cute dancer and singer have the ability to bring the audience on their toe and make them dance. She started practicing dancing at very early age as her mom owns a dance studio. It was like her to her mom that she will be the dancer. And finally, she app read the two dance shows. Moreover, she uploads random stuff like the vlog, music videos, and challenges but still she is getting 1.7 million views per day and making her earning from YouTube around $3.5 million US dollars.

Jo Jo Siwa Net Worth

JO Jo Siwa became widely famous for her dancing and singing skills by uploading videos on YouTube. The lion share of net worth thanks to her YouTube channel and her live performance. The estimated net worth of Jo Jo is whopping $3.5 million US dollars with an annual income of $950,000 US dollars and daily income from YouTube is $2600 US dollars. Her content on her YouTube channel is mainly vlog videos, challenges, songs, and other random content.

Her YouTube channel has more than 2.7 million subscribers with over 400 million views and the number of subscribers is increasing every year by ten thousand. She is getting 1.7 million views per day and this should generate an estimated earning of $2,600 per day and $950,000 a year from the YouTube by monetizing them. And Jojo makes extra money from her music, acting and sponsored posts on her social media with over 10 million followers including Instagram and Twitter.

Jo Jo Siwa Assets

This 13 year old, cute dancer having millions in the bank and having an annual salary in millions give you the ability to buy anything and when you holding the golden position of celebrity it will an essential for you to have a great test of expensive cars and luxurious house. Unfortunately, there are no official details available about her auto collection and what she drives? When it comes to home, she is currently located in the Omaha, Nebraska, The United States.

The daughter of Jessalynn Siwa who was the former owner of a dance studio in Nebraska and sibling of an older brother, Jayden Siwa, is just 13 years old but became widely popular across the globe for her YouTube channel and dancing shows. She is homeschooled and currently focused on her discography career, modeling and television performer. When it comes to a relationship, she is too young for this and it is obvious that she is single. But this Nebraska-born, singer, model and dancer soon will have one with any popular personalities for sure. Till then stay tuned.

1. Jo Jo Siwa is the youngest Dancer, model, singer and Television personality.

2. At Abby’s dance competition, 2nd season, she was the youngest competitor.

3. She became widely popular after appearing in television reality show called ‘Dance Mom’ and second season of Abby’s dance competition.

4. This young personality has just launched her own dancewear collection at the just age of 12.

5. Jo Jo’s mom was the owner of the dance studio in Omaha, Nebraska.

This year Jo Jo’s subscriber increased by 7000 and she is looking forward to participating on more television shows. Though she is becoming widely popular because of her YouTube channel and other social media accounts. Moreover, She has worked with companies like Beauty Bakerie, LolSurprise, Nickelodeon etc.