Jessica Nigri Net Worth

Who is Jessica Nigri and what is her net worth 2018? Jessica Nigri is essentially a New Zealand-American based cosplay celebrity, youtuber, promotional model, a voice actress as well as known as a fan convention interview columnist. This female celebrity continued cosplaying right from year 2009 and continued modelling from year 2012. She has worked as a formal spokes model for many video games as well as comic book series, such as Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag and Lollipop Chainsaw. Net worth of Jessica Nigri is very high that you simply cannot imagine how she grossed it, read below to get exact idea:

Birthplace of Jessica Nigri is Reno, located in Nevada, in United States. She was brought up in Christchurch, at New Zealand, known to be her mother’s native. Later she was relocated to Arizona. She has continued cosplaying from year 2009. It is known that in her cosplay of “Sexy Pikachu”, the celebrity has wear San Diego Comic-Con International which became viral online. During year 2011, this lady has endorsed Gears of War 3 intended for Microsoft as well as GameStop, was outfitted in the character of game named as Anya Stroud for the release of game.

Jessica Nigri Net Worth 2018-2019

In year 2012, Nigri received victory in IGN’s competition for a model to represent Juliet Starling, character of Suda51’s video game entitled a Lollipop Chainsaw. Moreover, she was appointed as a spokesmodel from Warner Bros. Games. While she performed as Juliet at year 2012 based Penny Arcade Expo (briefly as PAX) East, bond officials, having attained criticisms that the pink dress which she was dressed up in was very revealing, requested her to change it or leave the floor and limit her presence.

It is found that Nigri has transformed to Juliet Starling’s usual costume, however it was thought very revealing too, and so she was requested to leave. Being a part of the agreement, Kadokawa Games conveyed her on Lollipop Chainsaw towards Japan in order to attend Akihabara as well as tour Japanese based video game websites and magazines, such as Dengeki and Famitsu.

It was in year 2013 that this celebrity was again contacted by Suda51 to depict the character of Vivienne Squall taken from Grasshopper Manufacture’s latest video game named Killer Is Dead, and she accomplished it. In the same year, after she worked in cosplaying the character named Connor Kenway taken from Assassin’s Creed III, she got employed by Ubisoft to depict a female form of Captain Edward Kenway, the character of famous video game named Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag in gamescom of year 2013.

Apart from that, Jessica Nigri worked as a spokesmodel serving for Amazing Arizona Comic Con of year 2011. She was welcomed to many conventions like Anime Revolution 2012, Anime Expo 2012, Montreal Comiccon 2013, AVCon 2013, Anime South year 2013, as well as Ottawa Pop Expo, in form of a guest of honour.

Jessica Nigri Net worth

Presently the net worth of Jessica Nigri is assessed to be $1.3 million. Basically, she earned by serving as a cosplay celebrity, voice actress, model, as well as a social media personality. She earned well by working as professional spokesperson for several video game as well as comic book series like Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag as well as Lollipop Chainsaw. Her fame and wealth boosted after she got win in IGN competition during year 2012 to depict Juliet Starling from famous video game named Lollipop Chainsaw and was employed as a spokesmodel from Warner Bros.

Also, she has frequently been presented at conventions across the years and she has served in form of an interview columnist. Besides, she has been featured in a series named RWBY from year 2013 and even been presented in Red vs. Blue as well as Super Sonico: The Animation.

Being a cosplay celebrity is not easy but Jessica Nigri accomplished it so well in her career. She worked well as spokesperson for many famous video games and series till now. On account of her interviewing skills, she worked well as interview columnist.