Jennette McCurdy Net Worth

Who is Jennette McCurdy? What is net worth of Jennette McCurdy? Jennette Mc Curdy the American singing sensation often much praised for her part in the famous television-serial and movies of Sitcoms. Born on 26th June 1992 in the Long Beach region of California, United States, real name is Jennette Michelle Faye McCurdy . She is youngest child of McCurdy family with three elder brothers namely, Marcus, Scott and Dustin. The Cancerous actor is basically a singer and many times she writes her own songs.

Inspired by actor Harrison Ford in the TV series of ‘Star wars’ she started her acting career at an early age of eight years in 2000, with her first act being ‘Cassidy Gilford’ of the television series ‘Mad TV’ after which there was no looking back. She already has 6.4 million followers on instagram and about 6.31 followers on twitter and her followers are multiplying each day.

Jennette McCurdy Net Worth 2017-2018

Following her first television breakthrough in 2000 in Star Wars she played the role of Anna Markov in the movie ‘Shadow fury’ in 2001. In 2002, she a role in movie named ‘my daughter’s tears’ and also a role in CSI: Crime scene investigation. In 2003, she got movie’ Hollywood homicide’ opposite Harrison ford which is quite a commendable break to an actor of her age. In the same year she also got a movie ‘Taylor simmons’. By 2016, she has acted in almost twelve movies and forty television shows.

Jennette is not only a popular and talented singer but has a heart for great social causes too. Her friend Cody Waters died from cancer at an early age so she contributed twenty percent of the sales of her second single album ‘Homeless Heart’ towards Cody Waters foundation for the treatment of such children. Her own family has gone through a lot of troubles since Jennette mother too had cancer. Unfortunately she died on 20th September 2013. Many of her articles describe the situations she and her family have gone through.

Jennette is a multi talented girl, though acting and singing are her skills; she likes dance, karate, ice skating, piano, cooking, reading, writing, watching movies etc. Her dream is to get a graduation degree in film making and wants to write and direct her own movies.

Awards of Jennnette McCurdy

Jennette has got a lot of nominations as a young artist in the year 2004 itself, following it she got nominated for her different television serials. She won ‘Australian kids’ choice awards’ in the year 2010, MeusPremios Nick Brazil award for comedy in 2011, and the kid’s choice award for iCarly in which she played the character of Puckett in 2012. Apart from these she has won a lot of nominations from time to time.

Jennette McCurdy Net Worth

Jennette McCurdy net worth is around $6.5 million. She makes $50,000 from each episode of iClary as her salary. She is one of the highest paid Nickelodian star.

The artist didn’t want to disclose details about her personal assets so nothing about it for now.

Her way of working is simple. She composes her own songs and thus shares the full responsibility of it being a hit or either.

Latest about Jennettte McCurdy

Jennette still works for iClarly series, the role is perhaps immortalized for her. Her huge success in ‘sam and cat’(2013) and the tv movie Fred: the movie are her best works. She also worked for vimeo web series ‘ What’s next for sarah’ (2015) which was conceptualized and produced by herself. She also guest starred in a comedy ‘The birthday boys’ (2014) and also did an episode of the comedy show Bang! Bang! (2015).

Her first studio album named Jennette McCurdy didn’t was quite a success but however reached number fourty-four on the US Country albums chart with her single ‘generation love’.

These days Jennette is acting in a Canadian science fiction series: Between, in which she plays the role of a teenage pregnant girl. The plot of the series revolves about a town which is affected by an unknown disease taking life of people above twenty-two years. The series started in 2015; currently their second season is playing. She also working on a movie project ‘Little Bitches’ which is supposed to be released very soon.

Jennette McCurdy is the true destiny child kind of kid. She being a multi talented person has seen a lot in life and has surpassed all of the difficult times with courage and strength. Death of her mother and friend Cody Waters didn’t pulled down her spirits but motivated her to do better still for others. She is a philanthropist and a benefactor with her contributions for the cancer suffering kids.