Jenna Ortega Net Worth 2019

Who is Jenna Ortega and what is her net worth 2019? Jenna Ortega the television child artist was born in southern California in Coachella valley on 27th September 2002 is American child star. She is of Puerto Ricon and Mexican mix origin. She is often nick named as Jenny which happens to be her nickname in childhood. Jenny has weight approximately forty nine kilograms and height about four feet and eight inches. She is popular for her roles in Jane the Virgin on the CW and Stuck in the middle show of Disney channel. She is the fourth child of the Ortega family of six children.

She has two brothers and two sisters and her loving dog is called ‘Anna’. She started her acting career at the tender age of eight (although she started showing interest much earlier at the age of six) with much support of her mother who didn’t leave any stone unturned to bring her success. It is being told that her mother herself went to a talent manager to get her roles in the initial days.

Jenna Ortega Net Worth


Jenna started her acting career in 2012 with her first appearance in tele-series ‘Rob’ though it was a small role for an episode only. Next in the same year she played the part of Aimee Moore in CSI: NY for the series episode ‘unspoken’. In 2013 she got her first film role as the vice president’s daughter in the movie ‘Iron man 3’. In the same year she got another movie ‘Insidious chapter 2’ her character name was Annie. In 2014 she played Zoe Leon in the television series Rake. In the same year she played the character of Mary Ann in ‘The little rascals save the day’.

Her series ‘Jane the virgin’ started in 2014 in which she plays the character of young Jane is still running. In 2015 she played the character of Darcy in the teleseries Riche rich. Another teleseries which started in 2016 and is still continuing she is playing the lead role of Harley diaz in Stuck in the middle. She got another movie in 2015, After words in which she played the character of Anna Chapa. She has given the voice to the animated character of Princess Isabel in the series Elena of Avalor of Disney channel.

She is an outdoor girl with soccer; cheerleading and reading are her hobbies. She has about 1.7 million fans on her account

Nothing is being stated about the artist education, only that she is given home schooling. We can well understand the fact that as she started an early acting career she wouldn’t be finding any time to go to school regularly.

Net Worth of Jenna Ortega

Her net worth estimated to be around $1 million. And we are pretty sure that this will increase as her talent is increasing day by day.

The artist doesn’t wants to disclose the details as was told to the media and reports. But with a net worth of $1 million there would be some serious assets. Since she is still minor and most of her decisions are made by her mother we do not know the exact nature of the assets she might be having.

As she is still pretty young her work is handled by her mother who has approached an agent for her. We do not have any further details about her other business.

She is still single as she is pretty much young to be in a relationship. Apart from this she is also being considered by many directors to be starred in their upcoming movie projects.

She is a cute and sweet child. Her voice is full of innocence which stands true to her age. She has shown with her performance her capability as an actress and would definitely go a long way. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the princess would soon become a queen of Hollywood.