Jane Fonda Net Worth

Who is Jane Fonda and what is her net worth 2018? Jane Fonda the two times Academy Award winner is a well-known popular American actress, television presenter, author, and a former model. Net Worth of her career profile is a lot as she has achieved success enormously. Her image rose to stardom with films like ‘Cat Ballou’ and ‘Barbarella’. Apart from her acting image, she has well exhibited her skills in fitness mantra which inspires millions of people worldwide. She is a versatile woman who has showcased her talent with dedication and perfection. The net worth of Jane Fonda makes her the richest among other celebrities.

Jane Fonda is an American by birth, born on 21 December 1937 in New York City, United States. She has a film background from birth, her father Frances Brokaw was a famous former actor of Hollywood and her mother Henry Fond was a social activist. At 12, Jane lost her beloved mother who committed suicide out of depression. She did her schooling from Emma Willard School. At a young age of 15, she became a talented dance teacher and used to teach dance at Fire Island Pines, New York. In her adulthood, she went to Paris to study arts but in 1958 she came back to New York and where Lee Strasberg taught her acting at the Fame Actor Studio.

Jane Fonda Net Worth

Jane Fonda who believed in marriage three times but failed to work out each time and each time she split up and resulted in divorce. At the initial stage, she got hitched to a French filmmaker Roger Vadim in 1965. They have a daughter together named as Vanessa. But the couple calls for an end to their marriage and result in divorce. Later in 1973, Jane got into a new relationship and that resulted in marriage with activist Tom Hayden. They have a son together who was named as Troy O’Donovan Garity.

A few years later, Jane and Hayden decided to adopt a child who was an American-African Teenager, Mary Luna Williams. Even this marriage did not go well for a long time and ended in divorce. In 1991, Jane married for the third time to the CNN founder Ted Turner but the couple soon ended their marriage in 2001.

She first leads her acting career in Hollywood during the year 1950s and this starts with her father’s film ‘The Country’s girl’ in 1954 where she had a very small part to play in the film. In the year 1960, she made her first debut film ‘Tall Story’ which was a romantic-comedy opposite to Anthony Perkins. Her acting skill leads her to the nomination category of best actress for the films ‘Period of Adjustment’ and ‘Cat Ballou’ of Golden Globe Award.

Again, she appeared in 1969 film ‘They Shoot Horses, Don’t They? And she became an acclaimed actress after the success of the movie. Other hit movies of her include ‘9 to 5’, ‘Klute’, ‘Coming Home’, and ‘On Golden Pond’. In her later years, she took retirement from films and switched to fitness expert and launched several aerobic videos for the viewers.

Jane Fonda is a two-times Academy Award Winner for the best actress title for the two films ‘Flute’, and ‘Coming Home’. She is again two-timed acclaimed winner of BAFTA Award.

Jane Fonda Net Worth

Jane is one of the legendary richest celebs whose net worth is about $130 million and it is said that every year her revenue increased by 2.5%.

It actually shows how versatile and skilful this lady is that made her famous globally. She has accomplished name, fame, glamour, and success throughout her career and continued to achieve more in the coming years.