Jacqueline MacInnes Wood Net Worth 2018

Who is Jacqueline MacInnes and what is her net worth 2018? Jacqueline Maclness Wood was born on 17th April 1987 in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. She is a Canadian actress, disc Jockey, singer, and host as well and her nickname is Jacqui Mac. She has Canadian nationality and white ethnicity.

She has worked as a DJ as well and was known by the name of DJ Jacqui Mac. They have been spotted together on several occasions. She lives an exciting and adventurous life behind the camera. She grabs the headlines for most of the times with her amazing lifestyle. She has gone under cosmetic surgery for many times. She has undergone a lip surgery, a rhinoplasty, and an eye surgery as well.

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood Net Worth

Early Life

Her mother’s name is Sandy who is from Brazilian Ancestry, Scottish, Native American, and French. Her mother was her only parent who has raised her as a single mother. Her father was James C. Wood. Jacqueline half-sister Dani Probert was married to Late NHL player Bob Probert. Her uncle Alastair Gillies is a Scottish Singer. She is dating her boyfriend Daren Kagasoff from a long period of time since 2009. Her boyfriend is also an actor who is famous for playing the role of Ricky in ‘The Secret Life of An American Teenager’.

Education: She has taken the acting classes at Ryerson University, a center for the Arts and the Armstrong Acting Studio. She is a gamer and enjoys playing fighting games, racing games and the world of warcraft.


She has grown up in Windsor, Ontario, Canada and she moved to Toronto at the age of 18 years for the pursuing her dream of becoming an actress. She acted as “The Hair Girl” in a Hair Cutter’s advertisement. And soon she got the job of hosting the global series titled “Gamer Girlz”. Her acting career started with playing the role of Candice on Runway. She has played some guest roles in “Arrow”, “Anger Management” and “Castle”. Just within a week moving to Los Angeles, she auditioned for a leading lady on the Bold and The Beautiful and this project was the milestone of her career.

She is also a marvellous singer and her first single came out in the year 2012 titled ‘After Hours’ which was written by her wardrobe stylist, Chaz E. Foley. Further, in the same year, she hosted a television series titled “Exposing The Best Party Scenes the World has to offer”. Further, she appeared in Piranha 3DD as well during that year.

In the year 2013, she hosted a travel series named “Party On” that made her visit places across the globe and in the same year she made her male fans extremely happy and surprised when she posed for Maxim Magazine’s Mini Calendar and during the shoot, she exposed her outer beauty by wearing revealing costumes.

Her acting debut was playing the role of Candice on Runway. She has worked in TV Series more than movies and some of them are Lovebites, MVP, Gamer Girls, Anger Management, Arrow, Party On, Castle, 19-2, South Beach, and Les Anges 8: Pacific Dream. In 2015 she played the role of Samantha Lear in South Beach.

Some of the movies she has acted in are Skyrunners, Nightmare at the end of the hall, Turn the beat around, Final destination 5 and her husband’s betrayal. Moreover, she has hosted an exclusive web series titled south beach.

She has been nominated twice for Daytime Emmy Award under the category of “Outstanding Younger Actress” for her acting in ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ which brought her endless fame. Currently, she is residing in Los Angeles.

Her film Final Destination 5 was a huge success which grossed over $157 million at the American Box Office and became the highest rated film from the franchise at the Website Rotten Tomatoes and it was awarded a fresh rating there with 61% positive reviews from the critics. Her performance was also given heavy positive reviews. She is also associated with pet rescue organisation and spends her time spreading awareness about the responsibility of the pet owners and dog shelters. She also happily volunteers the charitable organisations benefiting the animal rescue and supports them.

Net Worth of Jacqueline MacInnes Wood

The outstanding talented young lady has an estimated net worth of $500 thousand. She is very popular on Social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Her extraordinary skills have brought her a lot of wealth and fame. Her income includes stocks, properties, acting, and singing, hosting, dancing, and modelling. She has in her possession many luxurious goods like yachts and private planes. She is keen on riding the bikes and used to own a Ducati 848.

Jacqueline Maclness Wood is one of the versatile stars of Hollywood and her talent has made her name famous across the globe. At a very early age, she is living a life which is the dream of many and this is all the result of her hard work. God has gifted her many talents which she used with high potential and made her journey worth. She is appreciated worldwide for her work in TV series, singing and movies as well and loved everywhere.