Hunter Tylo Net Worth

Who is Hunter Tylo and what is her net worth 2018? Deborah Jo Hunter Tylo was born on 3rd of July in year 1962 in Fort Worth , Texas. Her father Morris Jabez Hunter and her mother Jo Anne had three children. Hunter has an older sister named as Elizabeth and a younger brother named as Cliff.

Hunter started her career in 1980 from movie “All my children” in 1985. Though she had worked in many movies and soap operas but she did not get much fame till she did ” The Bold and Beautiful”. It has been so many years since she is working in the industry but she is still known as Dr. Taylor Hayes of “The Bold and Beautiful”.

Hunter Tylo Net Worth 2018-2019

Even at the age of 55, she stuns people with her hot and sexy flawless beauty. She has done many plastic surgery to make herself look prettier. As, her skin tone was damaged due to use of heavy makeup since so many years so she has also done facelift surgery which made her look like cute and beautiful robot like face. She also looked beautiful before surgery from her hazel colored eyes and brown hairs.

Hunter was always in news because of her marriage history. She is married three times. She married her first husband Tom Morehart in 1980 and had a son named as Chris from him. Her married life did not went well so the couple divorced in 1984.

After her first marriage failure, Hunter was in a relationship with her co-actor Michael Tylo from “Days of our lives” . She was fired from her role because of this relationship. Later she married the actor and had two daughters with him named as Isabella Gabrielle and Katya Ariel Tylo. She also had a son with him named as Mickey Tylo. Her this marriage last till 2005 and then she accepted Gerson Archila as her third husband and we hope this will last forever.

Hunter had seen a lot of sorrow in her life as her son mickey drowned at house pool in 2007 and her daughter Katya has a artificial right eye as she had a rare cancer in her eye.

Being in so much problems in her personal life, Hunter knew very well how to keep her personal life away from her professional life. She has given a no. of great movies and has also been chosen as the 50 most beautiful person in People’s magazine.

Hunter Tylo Net Worth

Net worth of Hunter Tylo is approximately $5.5 million. She is another proof that Hollywood is paying its stars sizable salaries. Hunter’s yearly money is $278,788. Other than her movies star also had won or lost lot of money in her life. She sued the producer of movie ” Melrose Palace ” for firing her in which she won $5 million but later she lost $1 million as she was sued by Clinical Social Counsellor. Though , Hunter had many ups and downs in her career but still her hard work maintained her net worth.

Hunter has a house in Sherman Oaks. She bought this house in $1.6 million in 2006. This house is very beautiful having 5 bedrooms and upscale neighbourhood. It is said that Hunter is selling her house in $1.8 million. Other than this, Hunter is fond of unusual pets. She has a nice collection of them.

Some of the famous movies of Hunter Tylo are Hammerhead : Shark Frenzy of 2005, Down and Derby of 2005 , They are among us from 2004 and Longshot of 2001.

Hunter is in news since she had a plastic surgery. She said that she only had a surgery of her nose but many experts argued over this and said that it is not possible for a 50+ lady to have wrinkle free and flawless skin with just diet and exercise. They added that she must have taken overdose of Botox. No doubt she is beautiful for her age but whatever she does is for her own and we should appreciate her the way she looks.

Though the beautiful lady has achieved recommendable success in her career but she was always unlucky when it comes to happiness. She had 3 divorces and also had lost her son. She has also seen her daughter suffering from cancer in eye. But, we hope the actress gets a peaceful and happy life ahead.