Holly Robinson Peete Net Worth 2018

Who is Holly Robinson Peete and what is her net worth 2018? Holly Elizabeth Robinson Peete, is an American artist. She is well known as an actress and singer. Born in 1964, her professional career started from 1969 and is still continues to entertain us. With almost 4 decades of career span, the most recognisable act was seen in 21st Jump Street as Judy Hoffs. With such experience, the artist accumulated a ton of money.

Early Life

Born to a middle class family, Holly’s birthplace remains Mount airy, Pennsylvania. Her mother, a school teacher turned to personnel talent manager, Dolores played a vital role in the career making stage of Holly. Her father, Matt Robinson was a producer/ writer.

Holly Robinson Peete Net Worth

The family wasn’t stable at one place and hence resulting to many school changes for young holly. With major education been completed in California state, Holly obtained a degree in French and phycology from Sarah Lawrence School.

Later on she moved abroad to France for further education. She used to give live performances in the Paris night clubs and once ended performing with the legend Lionel Hampton.

In the year 1995, Holly got married to Rodney Peete. By profession, Rodney was a national football league quarter back and surprised Holly with a proposal on the sets of a TV show.

Together they have four children, of them Ryan and Rodney Jr. are twins and the other two are Robinson and Roman.


As stated, Holly started her profession career at early age itself with the first role being offered in 1969 as a little girl on the sets of Sesame Street. Later on, as she grew older, she got offered with the life changing opportunity of 21st Jump Street TV series. She worked with the production for 4 years after which she was offered with many other roles.

Some of the significant being Hangin’with Dr. Copper, For your love and Like Family. She was also staged in the single hit during the 1990’s period.

At the later stages, she was offered a talk show which ended up being a failure due to protest from the star fans.

The artist has received many nominations and awards in her career span. Mainly due to her work in 21st Jump Street, her nomination list was lengthen.

She was nominated for being the best TV actresses in the Kid’s choice category for the above mentioned series. Later on, due to the work in For your Love, she received nominations in many categories. As an outstanding TV actress, Outstanding Lead TV actress, outstanding performance in a comedy series and many more.

Net Worth of Holly Robinson Peete

With many appearances and hit singles added to her name, Holly net worth stands on a stack of nearly $5 million. Most of the money making came through the various TV series performances.

Holly stands an inspiration to many young artists. As she supports a foundation which is finding cure for autism and a rare disease, many artists idol her for the hard work and a human being in general that she attributes.