Helen Hunt Net Worth

Presently of age 54, Helen Hunt is basically one American based actress, director, and she also worked as a screenwriter. It is known that she was featured in sitcom entitled Mad About You for period of seven years, as well as she performed character of single mother in year 1997 romantic based comedy film entitled As Good as It Gets. Net worth of Helen Hunt is as high as her beauty, get more details below:

Helen Hunt Biography

Hunt belonged to Culver City, located in California. Her mother’s name is Jane Elizabeth, who served as a photographer, whereas her father’s name is Gordon Hunt, who worked as a voice, film, and stage director as well as an acting coach. It is known that her paternal grandmother belonged from a Jewish –German based family, whereas her other grandparents belonged to English origin. When she was of age three, her family got shifted to New York, the place where her father worked as director in theatre. Moreover, Hunt appeared in many plays when she was a child for many times in a week and she studied ballet, as well as appeared in UCLA.

Helen Hunt Net Worth 2017-2018

Initially, Hunt started performing as child actress in era of 1970s. The actress’ early roles encompassed an appearance in role of daughter of Murray Slaughter on The Mary Tyler Moore Show. Moreover, she also appeared in role of a marijuana-smoking kind of classmate on one episode of The Facts of Life. During 1980s, the actress got recurring role on St. Elsewhere in role of Clancy Williams and she had one prominent guest appearance in role of a cancer suffering mother in episode of Highway to Heaven.

During the 1990s, when she completed performing lead female character in short-lived entitled as My Life and Times, this actress was featured in series entitled Mad About You. Appearance in this won her Emmy Awards on account of her performances done in years 1996 to 1999. For performance of the last year of that show, this actress and Paul Reiser turned out as the leading actors to be funded $1,000,000 per episode ever. Apart from this, Hunt worked to direct many episodes of Mad About You, comprising the series finale.

It is known that her big-screen based directorial debut originated through film entitled as Then She Found Me, the one in which she too featured with Matthew Broderick and Colin Firth. In year 2012, this actress was featured with William H. Macy and John Hawkes in The Sessions in role of sex deputy named Cheryl Cohen-Greene. The particular movie as well as her performance were extremely well reviewed as well as received her many award nominations. This actually includes one Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress and the movie attained two awards at famous Sundance Film Festival.

In year 1998, Hunt was bestowed with one Academy Award for category og Best Actress for her performance in movie entiled As Good as It Gets. After receiving Academy Award, the actress spared time out of her movie task in order to perform Viola in Twelfth Night, in New York.

Hunt once began dating actor named Hank Azaria in year 1994 and this couple got married in year 1999, but they got divorced after 17 months. It is known that she has been collaborated with director named Matthew Carnahan since year 2001. Hunt has one daughter named Makena Lei Gordon Carnahan with Matthew.

What is net worth of Helen Hunt?

Helen Hunt has presently a high net worth of $60 million US dollars as of 2017 and she is acknowledged as an American based actress, director of film, and screenwriter. This actress is possibly greatest acknowledged for her character played on long running based sitcom entitled as “Mad About You”. For this, it attained much wealth and for that she received Emmy Awards. Moreover, she possesses one production company with Connie Tavel named as Hunt/Tavel Productions below leadership of Sony Pictures Entertainment.

Helen Hunt is an actress who succeeded to earn in millions by working in fields like acting, directing and screenwriting. On account of her notable appearance in many prominent films, she received many noteworthy awards.