Heather Graham Net Worth

Who is Heather Graham and what is her net worth 2018? Heather Graham was born on 29 of January in year 1970 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Her father, James Graham is a retired FBI agent and her mother , Joan is a school teacher and children’s book author. Heather has a sibling sister named as Aimee Graham. Aimee is also an actress and writer. Surprisingly, Heather had a keen interest in acting from her childhood.

Though, their parents were very strict about their catholic religion still Heather’s mother takes her to give auditions in various serials and movies. Due to her father’s job, they also move from one place to another till she was 10. This change in surrounding again and again made Heather a shy girl. She was bullied by her classmates but she was voted most talented girl by her high school senior class.

Heather Graham Net Worth 2018-2019

After completing her high school, Heather moved to Los Angeles to pursue her acting career. Her first film appearance was in the film Mrs. Soffel in 1984. In Los Angeles Heather got many roles like Drugstore Cowboy in 1989 but they were not credited one so she decided to pursue her studies further. She took admission in University of California in Bachelor of Drama.

While she was student an actor James Woods noticed her and offered her a role in his movie named as Diggstown in 1992. After this movie Heather dropped out college to pursue acting on full time basis.

Heather did not had relations with her family well as she started working in adult roles which was not acceptable to her parents. But as time passed, everything was getting fine. Other than her family disputes, Heather was raising towards stardom. She started working in tremendous roles in movies like Swingers in 1996. In 1999, she appeared in a blockbuster movie named as “Boogie Nights” as a role of adult rollergirl. After that she did a lot of blockbuster movies like From the hell, the hangover , etc. She also started gaining modelling contracts of prestigious brands like Ungaro Liberte and Garnier.

The sexy lady also has a golden heart too, she is very active in charity and stands in support of many charity organisations. She is public advocate of Children International and she was also a part of climate change campaign Global Cool in the year 2007.

Heather had a interesting dating history. She was said to be in the relation with the singer Adam Ant and actors like Leonardo Dicaprio , Edward burns and many more. Her latest love since 2011 is Jarouson Silva.

Heather Graham Net worth

Attractive star Heather Graham has made a stunning wealth in Hollywood. Her net worth is estimated to be $27 million. Her fabulous acting is adding more in her net worth. Other than acting she does modelling for some really famous brands like garnier which is adding in her net worth too.

Heather Graham has an apartment in Manhattan and a beautiful house in Los Angeles. She love to decorate her house and she also has a huge fond of reading which makes a very nice collection of books in her home. Heather is also a pet lover and she has a pet cat named as Mittens.

Some great movie starred by Heather Graham are Boogie Nights in 1997, Lost in space in 1998, bowfinger in 1999, ustin powers : the spy who shagged me in 1999 and from the hell in 2001.

Heather Graham is a beautiful lady with a golden heart. Heather’s major success is the combination of her beauty , brain , talent and hard work. She knows very well how to own up the thing which she do whether it be designing, acting, brand promotion or charity. She also knows very well how much a small help can mean a lot to somebody that’s why she is very active in charity.