Hannah Hart Net Worth

Who is Hannah Hart and what is her net worth 2018? YouTube is considered as one of the best platforms for almost every person who wants to share his/ her work with others. This site is a possible source for numerous talented persons to reach their million of viewers through videos. YouTubers are those who display their talent through enormous videos to become popular. Now, a well-known name in YouTuber’s list is ‘Hannah Hart’, she has built a thriving career through YouTube by uploading her videos. There are very few people who have not come across Hannah till now and it can be possible just because of time. She is an American YouTube star who has emerged as the most visited personality on YouTube and a recognised face as well.

Hannah was born on November 2, 1986, in San Francisco Bay Area of California. She was raised in a similar place with her two sisters, Naomi is her elder sister and she has a younger half-sister named as Maggie. Her mother suffers psychosis and she was divorced from her preacher husband, who was the father of Naomi and Hannah, even in her childhood her home was inspected for human habitation acceptability.

Hannah Hart Net Worth 2018-2019

After her graduation, she moved to Brooklyn, New York, but during her study, she went to Japan for some time and due to that in New York she was able to earn a living by doing work as a proofreader of Japanese Language while being indulged in a writing career. Presently, she lives in Los Angeles, where she moved after her success on YouTube. Hannah Hart has openly accepted of being a lesbian.

Hannah got initial fame and success her series ‘My Drunk Kitchen’ which is shown weekly on her channel “MyHarto”. She also has an interest in acting and writing, which she is presently exploring.

Education: Hannah did her high school graduation at her birth place, then she moved to Japan in 2006. But, her visit was pretty much short and she returned her country. After her return, she attended the University of California at Berkley. She studied there for three years as she did her graduation in double degrees, Japanese Language and English Literature.

Hannah Hart Net Worth

The famous comedian Hannah Hart is well known for her weekly series “My Drunken Kitchen” which is on air on her channel ‘MyHarto’. The estimated net worth of Hannah Hart is approximately $3.2 million. She has a huge fan following as 2.5 million subscribers are there of her channel. She is a YouTube partner as well and she has also acted in a comedy series with her friends. She raised a huge fund for sponsoring a trip in many parts of the world, such as Canada, Australia, New Zealand and many other countries of Europe. She also won an award for her comedy as a best female performer in comedy.

Hannah has an apartment in New York. And other details about her assets are not disclosed by her. She is an owner of two channels on YouTube with that she has a partnership with the same. She has ventured comedy series with her friend.

Hannah says business and entrepreneurship can’t be measured by the success of an individual. Actually, it’s a phenomenon where ups and downs occur and the great leadership is only that when we cover up all our losses without any harm. After finishing her school, she started her career as a proofreader, but soon she earned name and fame with his video “My Drunken Kitchen”, which is known a successful weekly series.

And that was a turning point in her life, after two months of that series success, she did a partnership with YouTube and as did a successful comedy series with her pals. Her achievements are increasing continuously day after day.

Hannah Hart is a well YouTuber and she is engaged in a series “My Drunk Kitchen”, and she has penned down her experience about her series and it’s named as “My Drunk Kitchen: a guide to eating, drinking, and going with your gut” She will even host a Food Network series later this year. Lionsgate a well-known name in the entertainment industry has a goal to work with today’s biggest names, so they have also made a contract with her as she the one of cutting-edge talent which is emerging from the online world.

She is a self-made personality and she has earned fame in only a small period of 6 years and she is still progressing in her life and career both. She has a bold personality as she openly admitted about her sexual interest and defined that she is a homosexual. All in all, she is a person of broad-mindedness and likes to live life on her own terms.