Grace Helbig Net Worth

Who is Grace Helbig and what is her net worth 2018? Multi-talented in a true sense, actor, producer, writer, as well as YouTube personality, Grace Helbig is someone you simply cannot get enough of. She is the kind of woman who has made her presence felt everywhere. Be it in movies, T.V shows, and even YouTube. If you start following her once, on any of the platforms, you simply can’t unfollow her.

She has a popular YouTube channel by the name ‘It’s Grace’, through which she publishes videos under various categories, or segments, including those in which she interviews celebrities. She has written two comic handbooks; ‘Grace and Style: The Art of Pretending You Have it’, ‘Grace’s Guide: The Art of Pretending to be a Grown Up’. She has also co-produced films like ‘Electric Woman and Dyna Girl’, ‘Camp Takoda’ and ‘Dirty 30, she acted in these films as well.

Grace Helbig Net Worth

Her acting career is widespread, as she has a number of films and T.V shows to her credit; however her skills are not only limited to acting, as she has gone ahead and created certain shows as well. These shows include – ‘The Grace Helbig Show’, and the Web Series ‘Daily Grace’.

Grace was born in the year 1985, on 27th of September in Woodbury, New Jersey, to John Helbig, and Theresa McGinnis. She has two brothers as well, the elder one is John and the younger on is Tim.

Grace has been dating Chester See since 2014.

Education: Grace went to Ramapo College in New Jersey, in the year 2003, and graduated summa cum laude in Ramapo School of Contemporary Arts. At this time she founded her first sketch comedy group. This group was created along with her best friend, and was called ‘Baked Goods’.

She went to Peoples Improv Theater, to take Improv classes in New York. In 2005, she reached the semi final of Miss New Jersey, USA Pageant.

Grace Helbig Net Worth

Keeping in mind the fact that she has dabbled in multiple industries, and has done well in all of them, it does not come as a surprise that Helbig has a net worth of $5.5 million. She has curated content, created, co-produced films and even hosted T.V shows, along with running a successful YouTube channel. Over the years, collection through all these and some endorsements as well, have led to a constant increase in her net worth, which is today placed at $5.5 million.

The YouTube star has her own hill side bungalow in the east of LA. It is not a very big or a very lavish place, but is the one where the lady belongs. It is a two bedroom and a single bathroom house. Most of the videos shot by Grace have been shot inside the house, unless they require her to go out, and interview or showcase something else. The camera used by Grave for shooting her videos is a high end DSLR camera that allows for greater clarity as well advanced editing.

This is one thing that we can surely learn from Grace. She has not only established a place for herself on all platforms, but has also gained a stable fan following along with reaching a large number of people. After working on traditional media for years, and doing several shows, and films, Grace can now be seen getting very active on mediums which are more engaging, like YouTube.

Apart from running her own popular channel on YouTube, and Instagram, with millions of followers, she is also creating web series for other channels. Like the ‘Daily Grace’ which was created for ‘My Damn Channel’. Apart from this she is also into co-production and writing. As she has not only co-produced and starred in those very films, but has also written books and lend her voice to animated characters in films.

If there is a term called ‘multi-professional’, then that would be perfect to describe someone like Grace. It is simply unbelievable to see the amount of work she has done in such a young age. Her career till date can be equal to a moderate career of someone in their middle age. Grace truly is a master of all trades; she is involved in multiple activities, and does all of them very efficiently. If there has to be someone we should look up to for their passion, hard work and Grace, it should be none other than Helbig.