Grace Gealey Net Worth 2018

Who is Grace Gealey and what is her net worth 2018? Grace Gealey, is a famous American actress. People love to hate her for the devilish role played the popular series Empire. Shot to fame as Anika Calhoun, the hip-hop drama in Fox channel is Grace’s first major break-through in the show biz.

In the season 1 of the series Grace’s character Anika was introduced as Lucious Lyon fiancé. She was appointed for her artistic sensibility. In the season 2 of the series, Anika’s character takes a sudden turn and it changes. Beautifully portrayed by Grace Gealey, Anika is one of the most hated grey character in the TV world. Her acting skill and grace has to be appreciated for bring putting life in the character.

Grace Gealey Net Worth

Early Life

She was born on 26th July 1984 in Butler, Pennsylvania to Euro-American father and an Afro-Caribbean mother. After moving to New York City, she started to perform in Off-Broadway, Venus flytrap – A Femme noir mystery and Rent. She also started performing in Chicago Productions for The Mishanthrope and Tartuffe. Grace struggled a lot in coming to this position today, although she is still in the initial stage of her career.

Education: Gealey after moving to America attended University of South Florida, where she received her B.A degree in Theatre Arts. After completing her graduation from USF, she went on to pursue Master’s degree of Fine Arts in acting from the University of California.

In an interview Grace revealed that, she faced discrimination because of her skin color. She said that she was made aware of her light skin in USA. Even her childhood has not been really easy for her. Grace grew up with two deaf parents. She used to communicate in sign languages with her parents. She revealed how her mother was treated differently in public. Her mother was treated like a 3 years old kid. Emotionally she revealed that her mother was only unable to hear but her mother understood everything.

Other than her acting career, Grace also holds keen interest in musical events as well as the fashion world.

Grace is also known for her beauty. With a perfect body and a perfect height of 5 feet 5 inches, Grace looks appealing. She has created fashion statement with her short hair. Her dressing style and her charming personality has created a huge fan following for her. Her twitter handle shows that she is having more than thousands of followers. Grace believes in shortening the gap between her and her fans, that is the reason she is active on the social media sites.

Grace is inclined towards spirituality. She revealed to Forbes that she practices spirituality every day she added “I have a daily spiritual practice that reminds me that I am only a fraction of a fraction of this mighty, evolving world”.

This pretty actress also said that she can’t stay without her IPhone, if ever by mistake she forgets her phone at home, she goes back to collect it. Grace is a big fan of Meryl Streep, Whoopi Goldberg to name a few.

Net Worth of Grace Gealey

Grace Gealey being a talented and versatile actress has a total net worth of $2.5 million.

Grace Gealey has been quite secretive about her personal life. She was rumored to be in an affair with Trai Byers. Later the couple got engaged 7th October 2015. In an interview she flashed her engagement ring happily saying “For real, for real not a fling”. That confirmed the news of their engagement.

A year later in 2016, Grace and Byers tied the knot. The couple exchanged the marriage vows in a private ceremony held at a mansion on Grand Cayman Island. Surprisingly, the guest list did not include any of the co-stars from the series Empire. According to close sources, the guests dined on a yummy lobster and steaks after the marriage were exchanged.

Talented people like Grace are a blessing for the glam world. Grace’s life has not been easy. She grew up with deaf parents, which left a deep emotional impact on this gorgeous lady. But overcoming all the hurdles, she has emerged out as the winner. She is now famous for her talent and her beauty, even for her light skin she faced many discriminations. But putting everything in past Grace has rose to fame.