Geo Antoinette Net Worth 2019

Who is Geo Antoinette and what is her net worth 2019? Geo Antoinette is a multi – talented American producer, actress, model, power lifter as well as a YouTuber. She was born in a family of five (two sisters, one brother) on 3rd October 1983 in California, United States to a conservative family where her parents would not allow her to go out of the house often. She married Bart on September 9th 2015 in a destination wedding in Hawaii with family and close friends only, they both used to have four dogs but lost the German Shepard Tyson on 15th September just a few days after their marriage.

She has a vlog channel with her husband called Bart & Geo (Bart is the name of her husband) which has over 600 thousand subscribers and over a million views. She is also a part of another channel named Just Kidding Films which is also very famous and receives more than two million views. She and her husband owns a gym named Barbell Brigade in Los Angeles, California, all the members of Just Kidding uses it as their primary gym.

Geo Antoinette Net Worth

Education: After finishing schooling in California itself Geo went to California State University – Los Angeles to get a bachelor’s degree in economics, marketing, science etc. She has been fascinated by languages from the start and know fluent Spanish and also has knowledge on reading, writing and speaking fluent Korean which she got to learn in college itself. After graduating she started as an actress and a model in Just Kidding and eventually turned to a producer of the very same show.

Net Worth of Geo Antoinette

The net worth of the YouTube star is estimated at $2 million. The couple majorly earns from their gym Barbell Brigade as well as from Just Kidding channel. Their vlog channel also adds up a decent number of zero’s to their bank account. The vloggers net worth increases exponentially increases since her YouTube Chanel grows every day with more subscribers and more views to her videos. She seems to earn a lot of money from her vlogs itself.

The celebrity earns well from her role as an actress in various T.V. shows as well as short films. Being a producer too she earns a handsome amount from her productions like Just Kidding, Gun Fu etc. She also has her own vlog channel with over 600,000 subscribers along with her gym Barbell Brigade which is believed to add a hefty amount to her annual earnings. Moreover her appearances in functions, events and interviews are also chargeable.

Geo is very famous for her role in Just Kidding Films. Other than this she has also performed as both an actress as well a producer for many shows and have received credits too. ‘Single by 30’ (2016) and ‘Yellow Fever’ (2016) are the shows she appeared as an actress in. She has produced episodes of Just Kidding as well as ‘Gun Fu’ (2014) and has received credit for ‘My Best Friend is Hot’ in 2016.

On January 30th the social media couple chose an awesome method of announcing an important news to their fans worldwide. They made a short YouTube video to announce the pregnancy of Geo. Their loyal fans were extremely happy to hear this and sent thousands of best wishes to the two of them through all social media websites, be it tweeting on twitter, commenting on YouTube videos, or sharing Instagram and Snapchat stories.

Geo is the perfect example of fate and destiny. She had no plans of getting into the entertainment industry as she had a business degree from college. But when she met Brat for the first time he convinced her to join Just Kidding Films to which she agreed and as time passed by it appears that she was made for this sector. Her way of interaction with the camera and the fans signifies her love and humble nature. A true human indeed.