Gant Elena Net Worth

Who is Gant Elena and what is her net worth 2018? Elena Gant is a Russian –American actress and celebrity impersonator, who is also pursuing a career as a graphic designer. She is mostly known for her extraordinary work in Little Women and Reality Television Awards. She also gathered appreciation for her contribution in Bloodsucka Jones vs. The Creeping Death in the year 2017. The way this actress of Russian origin has established herself in everyone’s heart is beyond ordinary.

This eminent personality celebrates her birthday on 14 July and was born in the year 1987. At the time of birth her full name was Elena Belenkaya. Her mother’s name is Olga and she has two sisters named Olenka and Veronika. She was born in Kazan, Russia. She completed her graduation from University of Kazan. She was always known for her slim build, dark brown eyes and blond hairs.

Gant Elena Net Worth

After graduation she migrated to California. At the age of 16 she attended a conference and started communicating with little people in United States of America. In the year 2011 she started dating a guy of African –American nationality named Preston Gant. They both fell deeply in love with each other and decided to spend whole life together. In the year 2014 they both married each other and Elena gave birth to a child in the year 2016. She has never visited her family ever since she left Russia but is constantly in touch with them through social networking.

She is also very active on social networking sites and has more than 504 thousand followers on Instagram. She gained great attention while working for an American reality television series called Little Woman:LA in the year 2014. She is also known as Mini Britney and The bombshell. She is 4’4” high and weighs around 45 kg. Her favourite cities are Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

She has always dominated the Television screen in her segment. It was the year 2013 when she fade her first noticeable entry on the screen through a Tv series known as Access Hollywood. This series did not only gave her fame but also a name called Mini Britney. By this time her career took off and during the next year she participated in two TV series and a Tv movie.

In the year 2015 she participated in The Playboy Morning Show which was a huge success. In the later year she played a role in the renowned show Little Woman: LA. Apart from these she has also been an active participant in many award shows.

Elena does not has many controversies associated to her name but a clip posted by Lifetime, proclaims that she scared her friends once by being absent in a get together, prior she was diagnosed with preeclampsia which can be fatal sometimes for both mother and child.

In the year 2015 she was in headlines when she made Briana Renee jealous on the set of Little Woman: LA by making her feel betrayed.

She also found herself trapped in a controversy when the reality show named Little Woman:LA faced legal threat from the theater owner who claimed owning the rights of Britney Spears impersonation.

Gant Elena Net Worth

This Russian born actress and reality TV star has a net worth of $2 Million. After becoming a celebrity, she also started a you tube channel known as EG beauty which has more than 60,000 subscriptions. She also runs a make up line named EG beauty.

Despite of being little short in height she has gained enormous prestige and is counted among the most beautiful actresses of all times. She has always been working hard to achieve whatever she desired. Studies proclaim that despite of her pregnancy she kept working on her projects called Non stop to Comi- Con and Bloodsucka Jones vs. The creeping Death. These projects were applauded by people living in all the parts of the world.

Thus Elena set a benchmark and once again proved the famous quote: “Where there is a will there is a way”.