Gaby Espino Net Worth 2018

Who is Gaby Espino and what is her net worth 2018? Maria Gabriela Espino Rugero is a Venezuelan model, actress, and presenter. She was born on 15th November 1977 in Caracas, Venezuela to a chemical engineer and a publicist. She was the eldest of the five siblings her parents had. She had a fascination with animals and hence decided to become a veterinarian. But life had something else planned for her, she even studied dentistry bust ultimately ended up becoming a model turned actress. She has performed in a number of Films like.

La Mujer de mi Hermano (2005), Mas Sabe el Diablo: El primer golpe (2010), Elipsis (2006), Desaparecer (2015) and television shows like Rebeca (2003), Santa Diabla (2014), Ojo por ojo (2011) and much more. The actress had quite a mixed marries life. She married the Venezuelan actor Cristobal Lander on 14th June 2007 and welcomed their first daughter Oriana Lander.

Gaby Espino Net Worth

But this relationship got over almost a year after as the actress was rumoured to be linking up with a movie co – actor Jencarlos Canela, but both of them refused the news. A year later Gaby and her husband Cristobal got divorced with the custody of the child given to the father. The actress again started dating Canela and they finally revealed this over a live chat on twitter. In 2011 their first child was named Nicolas Canela Espino who had Pitbull and Cristina as his godparents. Once again the actress and Canela got separated and announced their divorce over Facebook. Last few years she is believed to be dating Arap Bethke.

Education: There is currently no record of the actress’s education or schools. It is only known that she was studying dentistry before entering the glamour world.

Net Worth of Gaby Espino

The upcoming model has an estimated net worth of $2 million. She owes her net worth to the television shows that made her gain fame and enter the film industry.

The model/actress has a number of established sources of income. Starting from her movies, she charges a hefty amount for every movie she performs in irrespective of the duration of her role. Her roles in T.V. shows and episodes also earn her a good amount. Guest appearances in T.V. and full – time appearances in award functions are chargeable. Other than the media she endorses a good number of brands and is believed to get a good amount of sponsorships. She is also available for any ramp walk or fashion show/event.

The actress has been nominated for her performance in both television and films. She has received 2 nominations till date dated 2013 in the Premios People en Espanol awards for the Best Actress and Couple of the Year. In 2013 itself she won 2 awards in Premios tu Mundo for the Favourite award of the night and I’m Sexy and I know it category. She even won an award in 2012 for the #Most Social category.

She has also received accolades for her style and fashion sense as well as her performance and is believed to won many awards in the near future. Though being unclear about her career she thought it out and never looked back