Fran Drescher Net Worth 2018

Who is Fran Drescher and what is her net worth 2018? Francine Joy “Fran” Drescher is a lady of American origin who has been an actress in addition to her activism. Her record shone when she played a role in Fran Fire in the hit TV program “The Nanny” for six years. The appearance was flavoured by her nasal voice and her dummy New York accent.

Early Life

Joy Drescher started her life on 30th September 1957. To date is 60 years since then. Her place of birth is Kew Gardens, New York City in the United States of America. She was the daughter of Sylvia who was an expert in counselings and guidance on matters concerning brides. Her mother was Monty Drescher whose career was related to nursing but specialised in navel system.

Fran Drescher Net Worth

She was a great-granddaughter to Yetta a Romanian who had emigrated to the USA. Drescher’s grandfather was in Poland. Her elder sister’s name is Nadine. Fran attended High School in Jamaica, Queens. In 1975, she achieved her academic award from Hillcrest high school. Franc was a student of Queen’s college and also the city of New York but discontinued in her year of admission as there was no vacancy in the faculty of acting. She found a place in cosmetology school instead.

During her stay in high school, Franc was lucky to have found her husband to be named Peter Mark Jacobson whom they united in 1978. At that time, she was only 21 years old. She abandoned her married life in 1999. Drescher was once raped in her home by armed robbers in 1985. By the time of the ordeal, she was the wife of Jobson.

It was a very horrible experience for her. Drescher was barren throughout her life. She divorced Jacobson and later joined Shiva Ayyadurai as a husband on a tweet. Two years down the line, the two separated. She was diagnosed with uterine cancer.


Fran Drescher started as a dancer Connie in a blockbuster show known as Saturday Night Fever featured in 1977. Her first husband assisted Fran in her show business jobs as he was her writer-director and producer in Fran’s television show commonly known as “The Nanny”.

In 1978 Fran continued to gain more favour in films like American Hot War and Summer of Fear. 1981 was the year when she appeared in a special dramatic responsibility in the Milos For man film such called Ragtimes. She has also acted in several remarkable films such as the Gorp, Hollywood Knights, Doctor Detroit, The Big Picture e.t.c.

Net Worth of Fran Drescher

Through her various roles in films and as a producer, Fran has made money. Over the years, she has been able to accumulate wealth. Fran Drescher has an estimated net worth of $28 million.

Fran Drescher is an actress and an activist. Her role in “The Nanny” made her a household name. She has been through rough times, but she is pressing on. Fran has acted in various TV shows, and her performance is terrific. She has been married twice but has divorced in both cases.