Felicia Pearson Net Worth 2018

Who is Felicia Pearson and what is her net worth 2018? Felicia Pearson is best known for the character played in The Wire, her character was called Felicia Snoop Pearson. Born on 18th May 1980 in Baltimore, Maryland, Felicia Pearson is a gorgeous actress, author and rapper. The daughter of two drug addicts weighed only three pounds at the time of birth.

Early Life

She didn’t meet her parents often as her mother was a crack addict and father an armed robber. In her younger days, she was often called as “Tomboy”. Felicia started working as a drug dealer at a very young age. She was then arrested for a second degree murder charge and was jailed for approximately six and half years. From the early age only Felicia was very determined. Even after getting convicted, she completed her General Educational Development (GED) which says that she actually wanted to study.

Felicia Pearson Net Worth


Her acting career started when she met Michael K. Williams in a night club. Felicia is not a trained actor but her luck changed with this incident. It was Williams, who introduced Felicia to the writers and producers of the show named “The Wire” and later she too got a role in the show too. All things started falling into place for Felicia, and she slowly rose to stardom.

After her lucky break in the show Felicia started getting offers for special appearances. Though Felicia started working at a show, but she also appeared in videos of many other singers and rappers Pearson made appearances in many videos as well. She was featured in a song called “It’s a Stick Up”.

Felicia’s acting was praised well-known personalities like Stephen King. He appreciated her talent by saying “perhaps the most terrifying female villain to ever appear in a television series”. Her performance in the series “The Wire” was widely acclaimed, she was even referred as one of the most vicious female villain who ever appeared in any television series.

Step by step Felicia moved forward, she appeared in The Sweet Blood of Jesus in 2015, again in the same year she was seen playing the character of Dania in Spike Lee’s Chi-Raq. She grabbed the role of Roxy Barnes in Good Cop Bad Cop.

In 2007, Grand Central Publishing released Felicia’s memoir called “Grace after Midnight”, which she co-authored with David Ritz. The plot evolves around Felicia’s disturbed childhood, the book explains how she was born as a three-pound crack baby, how she ended up in prison and her journey in the glam world.

In the book she wrote that her face was too small for a feeding bottle and she was fed with an eye drop. As a child, she did not get good treatment from her mother. Her mother sold all her clothes to fund her drug. After this incident, she was taken away by the social service agency. She was adopted by her foster parents later on.

Net Worth of Felicia Pearson

Felicia Pearson is very talented and hardworking American artist. Her estimated net worth is $250 thousand. She has acquired the wealth from her appearance in musical videos and TV series.

Felicia got tangled in a drug dealing case. The federal agent documented the case against her saying she was heard using slang and code to buy drugs from the traffickers. She was caught trading drugs on a large scale. The law enforcement refused to disclose what charges she will face for this. Felicia denied the charge though.

Trouble never left Felicia alone. In 1996, she was charged of murdering another teenager at the age of 14. She was convicted of second degree murder. She ended up staying in the prison for six and a half years.

Felicia Pearson never has a great childhood. Recovering from such disturbed childhood takes a lot of efforts. From getting involved in drug dealing case to getting involved in open fire case, Felicia has seen the worst of everything. What deserves appreciation is her guts and willingness to come out of horrible past. She overcame all the troubles and emerged out as a winner. Today she is a star, known to millions of people around the world. She is having a huge fan following. Praises will fall short when talking about determined woman like Felicia Pearson.