Evangeline Lilly Net Worth

Who is Evangeline Lilly? What is net worth of Evangeline Lilly? Born on 3rd August 1979, Nicole Evangeline Lilly is a Canadian actress and author. She was born in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta in Canada to her parents. Her father is a product manager for the company Safeway and her mother a daycare center which she managed out of the family home. Evangeline Lilly is best known for her role of Kate Austen in the American television drama series Lost that aired on American Broadcasting Company from 2004 till 2010.

She won a Screen Actors Guild Award and got a nomination for a Golden Globe for her role as Kate Austen in Lost. She is also known for her role as Tauriel in the prequel of high fantasy adventure film series The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit. In 2015, Evangeline Lilly starred as Hope Van Dyne in the superhero film Ant-Man based on a Marvel Comic based on a character of the same name. She has an English and Irish ancestry and one of her grandmothers was an English War Bride. Her family was not financially strong and they had to live on cabbage only for a week sometimes. Evangeline Lilly started working on jobs at the age of 15 years only.

Evangeline Lilly Net Worth 2017-2018

Evangeline Lilly was having a religious and grounded upbringing, raised Baptist and Mennonite. She taught Sunday school for 8 years. Born in Alberta, she was raised in British Columbia and she studied International relations at the University of British Columbia which is in Abbotsford. Her decision of studying international relation was a result of her three-week mission trip to the Philippines.

Evangeline Lilly was a tomboy when she was young. Although she hit her puberty very late, she turned out to be a really beautiful curvy lady. A great transformation in her physical features was quite a fast change for her when she was young. People started looking at her differently. This led to her being discovered by a Ford Modelling Agency agent. She was shocked by the approach but did not accept the offer. She did take the business card of the agent.

She eventually called the agent and landed various advertising jobs. She was suggested to audition for a role in the series Lost of a friend and she went for it. Her auditions were really liked by the producers of the series and she was offered the role of Kate Austen. The role almost went out of her hand as she was not able to get a working visa in the United states. But she managed to get the visa and went for shooting in Hawaii.

Her film with Jeremy Renner named The Hurt Locker went on to win an Academy Award and her acting was praised in the movie. In 2012, she was cast in the three parts film, The Hobbit as Mirkwood elf Tauriel which later earned her a lot of critical acclaim for her acting.

Evangeline Lilly was cast as Hope Van Dyke in the Movie Based on the Marvel Comic character Ant-Man of the same name which released in September 2015. In 2015 itself later it was announced that she would reprise her role as Hope Van Dyke in the sequel to the movie Ant-Man, Ant-Man and the wasp which would make her first to be featured as a female superhero in a Marvel Movie.

Evangeline Lilly Net Worth

Evangeline Lilly’s family was not financially strong when she was a kid. When she started acting in the series Lost she was earning $80,000 for her role as Kate Austen, as the character became famous for the series her earnings increased. By 2008, she was earning $150,000 from her role of Kate Austen in the series Lost alone. She also earned a fortune for her movies like Ant-Man and The Hurt Locker which are high budget and high earning movies.

She has also authored a book ‘The Squickerwonkers’ which is about a spoiled little girl named Selma. While filming for Lost in Hawaii she rented a house which caught fire and was destroyed. She was safe as she was not inside the house, but lost almost all her belongings in the fire which cost her a lot. She earns a lot of her endorsements which add up to her estimated net worth as $16.4 Million US dollars as of 2017.

Evangeline Lilly is sure to be seen as a superhero in the movie ‘Ant-Man and the wasp’ which is in filming as of March 2017. Her acting in her previous movies has been appraised by all. She is also expected to be seen in some of the great films in the coming years.