Emily VanCamp Net Worth

Who is Emily VanCamp and what is her net worth 2018? If you had seen “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” and the sequel, “Civil War,” you would not have missed watching Emily VanCamp in action. She portrayed the role of Sharon Carter in these films. Born on 12 May 1986, Emily is a Canadian actor. It can surprise you that she did not belong to a rich family. Her father, Robert VanCamp is an animal nutritionist while her mother, Cindy is a householder. Emily is the third among four daughters to this couple. She used to accompany and assist her father in delivering food to clients in and around Port Perry, Ontario.

Emily had a fascination for dance from the age of just 3 years. She had a burning desire to become a professional dancer. Hence, she used to pester her parents into enrolling her at a dance academy cum summer training camp in Montreal. When she was 12 years old, the camp accepted her into their fold. Therefore, she moved in with a local French family. She learned French thoroughly during this period.

Emily VanCamp Net Worth

She used to accompany her sister, Katie on the sets of the film, The Ladies Room. This love for acting prompted her to take acting classes. She landed a small role in a Canadian children horror TV series.

She graduated to teenage and adult roles subsequently with her first break as Sam Dolan in the WB show, Glory Days. She was just 15 years old at that time. Some of her memorable roles followed soon after such as “Captain America.” She is also famous for her role in the TV drama ‘Revenge’, ‘Brothers and Sisters’, and ‘Everwood’.

She is in a steady relationship with her Revenge co-star, Josh Bowman since 2011. We do not know if the marriage is on the cards.

Education: She did not have much of an educational background. She had a terrific desire to be a dancer of repute. Maybe, her elder sister, Katie might have been her inspiration. She dropped out of school to learn dancing and acting. She has never looked back since then. For a person who did not have much schooling, she has definitely come a long way.

Emily VanCamp Net Worth

Emily VanCamp net worth is $4.6 million. That should be a great amount for a person who has not yet reached her thirties. Considering her humble beginnings, she deserves her net worth for all the effort she has put in her work.

She is a stylish personality. Hence, it should not be a surprise that she has tremendous interest in fancy cars. She has one Range Rover Sport as well.

One can say that Emily is a born dancer. She has nimble feet and can match steps with the best in the business. She had a cute face as well while she was young. At the age of five, she used to accompany her sister to her film shoots. She bagged a role in a couple of commercials as a child artist. From there, it has been a one-way journey to stardom. She enrolled in a summer training camp to hone her dancing skills. That made her shift to Montreal at a very young age. She became proficient in French.

Her most memorable role is that in the ABC drama, Revenge. She has won the Best Actor award at the San Diego Film Festival in 2010. Other than this award, she has numerous nominations to her credit.

She is an upcoming actor with great potential to succeed. A lover of science fiction films, her ambition is to act like a zombie in one of her future projects.

In spite of being in a relationship with Josh Bowman for about six years, she has not yet taken the plunge into wedlock.

A romantic actor at heart, she has the perfect personality to make men swoon. In spite of her limited educational background, she is very fluent in French. In fact, she has stated that she loves listening to this poetic language for hours on end. She has much more to offer to the world. She is truly a versatile actor in every way.