Emily Deschanel Net Worth 2019

Who is Emily Deschanel and what is her net worth 2019? An extremely beautiful American actor, Emily Deschanel was born on 11 October 1976 in Los Angeles, CA. Her parents were eminent film personalities, Mary Jo Deschanel, and Caleb Deschanel. Her younger sister, actor, and singer Zooey Deschanel completes this celebrity family circle. Her family roots include Swiss, English, Dutch, Irish, and French ancestry. Hence, you can call her a person having true international colors.

Acting ran in her veins. Hence, it should not come as a surprise that she became an accomplished actor herself. She is famous for her portrayal of Dr. Temperance Brennan in the comedy drama, Bones.

Emily Deschanel Net Worth

With such an illustrated background, you can expect an early entry into the film world. True to this, she managed to make her debut at the age of 18 years in the film, “It Could Happen to You.” After a cooling period of around 8 years, she roared back with full vigor in Stephen King’s “Rose Red” in 2002. There was no looking back thereafter as the Interview magazine voted her as one of the top six female actors to watch for in 2004.


The year 2005 was a watershed year in her career with the bagging of the role in Bones. She played the role of Dr. Temperance Brennan to perfection.

She has spiritual leanings and is a committed vegan. She is an active supporter of animal rights as well. She walked down the aisle with actor-writer David Hornsby on 25 September 2010. Subsequently, she gave birth to two male children on 21 September 2011 and 08 June 2015 respectively.

She has been nominated for several awards. The day is not far away when she will actually manage to win one.

Education: In spite of having all the advantage as far as making an entry into the film world is concerned, her parents thought it fit to let her have a sound educational base. She went to the Harvard-Westlake and Crossroads School in LA. In order to hone her acting skills, she enrolled at the Professional Actors Training program at Boston University. She graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in theater.

Net Worth of Emily Deschanel

Emily Deschanel total net worth is $20 million. One should accept this figure because she charges around $350 thousand per episode.

With an astonishing salary of $350 thousand per episode, she is one of the highest paid actors on the scene today. Her total worth is around $20 million. She has a house worth around $2.4 million in Los Angeles.

She considers her family as her biggest assets. By family, she includes her sister as well. She values her friendship with David Boreanaz as one of her strongest support.

With acting in her blood, it was a matter of when rather than whether she would make an entry into Hollywood. She received an early offer at the age of 18 when she did her first movie, “It Could Happen to You.” She took a break to complete her studies. She had some good movies thereafter such as Rose Red, The Alamo, Spider-man 2, etc.

A flourishing career in television awaited her when she made her first forays into this sector. She became famous for her portrayal of Dr. Temperance Brennan in the TV serial, Bones. Starting 10 2005, this series ran successfully for 9 seasons. The earnings from this serial is the main income for Emily.

Not many people know that there is a humane side to her character as well. She has openly supported numerous charitable organisations, mainly for animal welfare such as PETA, etc. She values eco-friendliness a great deal and has plans of using solar power to cater to the electrical needs of her house in Los Angeles.

She is a pure vegetarian today. She is a champion of animal rights being actively involved with organizations such as PETA, etc. In spite of being a Roman Catholic, she has spiritual leanings. She visualizes herself as being spiritual rather than religious.

One always associates beautiful Hollywood actors with various affairs with co-stars. Emily has managed to steer clear of all such controversies in life. The credit for this upbringing should definitely go to her parents. She has a wonderful husband who she can rely on every time. Her adorable sons complete this cute family.