Elisha Cuthbert Net Worth

Who is Elisha Cuthbert? What is net worth of Elisha Cuthbert? A Canadian film and Television actress, Elisha Cuthbert widely popular for her hit series ’24’ and became even more popular with the children’s TV series Popular Mechanics for Kids. Elisha is popular for her movies like Dancing on the moon, The Girl Next Door(2004), House of Wax in (2005), Captivity(2007). Not just in Canada but also in the United States Elisha is popular for her movies and TV series. Let’s have look at her journey to become the popular celebrity, her net worth, her family and relationship and everything else.

Elisha Cuthbert Biography

A true Canadian, Elisha was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada on 30th of November,1982. This young actress had started her career as the model since she was 8 years old for certain children’s clothing lines and after that, she decided that she just wants to spend her rest of the life in front of the camera. Her reporting in tv series Popular mechanics for kids was so effective that even Hillary Clinton the first lady if the United States could not resist to invite her to Washington for a meeting.

Elisha Cuthbert Net Worth 2017-2018

She spent most of her youth in Montreal but at age of 17, she moved to Los Angeles to become an actress. She made her official debut in 1997 in the movie ‘Dancing on the moon’. After that, she was appeared in movie Airspeed (1998) as a reluctant pilot, as time travel freak in Time at the Top (1999) and Are You Afraid of the Dark?(1991). After that Elisha was unstoppable and only lucky Canadian who gained such a popularity at that age. Though most people started noticing her only in 24 as her character in series Kim Bauer. Though she did not have even single released after 2009 but she made an impressive fortune in that short time. Let’s have look at her net worth.

Elisha Cuthbert Net Worth

When she was working in TV series 24, her net worth was about $10 million US dollars but currently the estimated net worth of Elisha is staggering $22.2 million US dollars as of 2017 which includes her expensive cars, $1.5 million US dollars house in Hollywood Hills, California, her liquid assets and other properties as well. She made handsome amount of fortune in quite short time precisely in the decade.

Elisha Cuthbert Assets

Elisha seems to have the great test of fast cars. And that is the reason that she is having german made, flat six cylinder producing over 500 horsepower a back interior and exterior, Porsche 911 priced $80000 US dollars, a two-seater two-door sports car.

When it comes to her house she has the house in Hollywood hills, L.A., California which valued $1, 649,000 US dollars. This house covers 2100 square feets along with outside fireplace and Swimming pool. The house is equipped with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and expensive french doors.

Elisha is the daughter of Kevin Cuthbert (Father) and Patricia Cuthbert (Mother) and has two siblings, a brother Jonathan Cuthbert and a sister Lee-Ann Cuthbert. She likes to hang out with her friends like Eliza Coupe & Olivia Wilde. When it comes to the relationship, Elisha has the great love life. She is currently married to ice hockey star Dion Phaneuf though in her early life she dated and got engaged with Trace Ayala in 2004 but she did not get married reason unknown. She had also dated ice hockey player who played for Los Angeles kings Sean Avery and Mike.

Komisarek before she got married. There is no information about if she is having any kids or not.

This Canadian actress used to live in Vancouver, British Columbia with her family.

she has not been sighted a lot but you may find her driving in her Porsche around Hollywood hills, L.A. Elisha is great Canadian actress and earned fame and name of the top-notch celebrity.