Diane Lane Net Worth

Who is Diane Lane? What is net worth of Diane Lane? Diane Lane is a prolific Hollywood actress born on January 22, 1965. Raised in New York City, Diane’s parents were pretty much part of the showbiz world themselves. Her father Burton Eugene was as acting coach running an acting school with Josh Cassavetes while mother Corrin Leigh Farrington made a living as nightclub singer. Diane had a rather tough childhood since she had to go through the hardships of her parents’ separation when she was just 13.
Despite such bitter experiences Diane Lane was a very bright prospect in the field of acting thanks to her Grandmother Elenaor Scott’s influence as she took up acting at a very young age of six. Before making her Hollywood debut, Lane delivered phenomenal performances in such theater productions as “The Cherry Orchard” and “Medea”.

Diane Lane Net Worth 2017-2018

At 13, Lane stepped into Hollywood debuting opposite Laurence Olivier in A Little Romance. Bowled by her performance, Olivier declared as the next Grace Kelly. However what followed next was a string of forgettable films in the 80’s that bombed at the box office, her attempts in television movies to justify the predictions of her being the next big thing of Hollywood turned out to be futile.

After much toiling to resurrect her career, Diane Lane reintroduced herself as the new sex siren of the 80’s in hit films like Lady Beware, The Big Town. More critical acclaim and stardom followed when she became part of movies such as Judge Dredd and A Walk on the Moon in 1999.

Her breakthrough performance came in the year 2002 in Adrian Lyne’s thriller drama Unfaithful. Her role as the married Connie Sumner engaging in raunchy extramarital affair made the audience stand up and take notice of her acting caliber; it was also the film for which she deservedly earned Academy award nomination for best actress. The character she portrayed continues to draw polarized opinions even now. Some of her praiseworthy/ successful ventures include Under the Tuscan Sun, Must Love Dogs and more recently Man of Steel.

Education: Diane Lane had a flourishing career at a time when most youngsters focus on furthering education. Her professional success acted as hindrance as her grades started falling in the acceleration course she was enrolled at Hunter College High School. She completed her initial education in Savannah Christian Preparatory High School, Georgia.

Diane Lane Net Worth

Diane Lane has been going strength to strength despite having initial setbacks in her career. After earning accolades for Unfaithful (2002), it has been an upward spiral in her financial might. The green eyed American beauty has a net worth of $40 million US dollars in 2017. Lane took home fat paycheck of $300,000 for Unfaithful which doubled in a span of just two years when she was paid $6,000,000 for Must Love Dogs in 2005. Diane Lane has also been part of what www.sreenrant.com describes as the richest ensemble cast that was signed by DC Comics for Batman VS Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad. The sultry beauty, now in her fifties adds $14 million to the cast’s value.

Diane Lane Business Model

Ever since she became an actress, Diane Lane never really had to look beyond Hollywood to fulfill her aspirations. She is one of the few Hollywood bombshells who managed to bag romantic leads even in her forties with fat acting fees. More recently she has been the face of Neutrogena, the women’s skincare giant that has signed her as its brand ambassador cum spokesperson. She features in the print and TV ad commercials of the company’s anti aging products line.

Diane Lane had one heck of a rebellion’s life at the age of 15 when she escaped with Christopher Atkins in LA. In 1988, she married actor Christopher Lambert who she had a on and off relationship with. The couple had a daughter before they split in 1994. Her second marriage was to Josh Brolin in 2004; the couple was already in news when she attended the Academy awards with him in 2003. She had once dated Bon Jovi.

By her own admission, Lane’s career hit the high notes at 38; which is apparent by the fact that she is one of the most bankable stars of her generation even in 2017. Diane Lane bagged one of the key roles of Superman’s foster mother Martha Kent in Man of Steel (2013), a role she reprised for Batman VS Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016). At the moment, two of her movies Felt and Justice League are in post production stage.

Given the acting powerhouse and majestic beauty that she is, it comes as no surprise that the actress who turned into multi millionaire by the age of 18 has the following honors and recognition.

• She featured in the cover of Time magazine at the age of 14
• People’s magazine voted Diane Lane as its one of the “most beautiful women”
• In 2004, she was voted as the most desirable woman.
• Ranked seventh in the list of VH1 “hottest over 40”.