Daphne Joy Net Worth 2019

Who is Daphne Joy and what is her net worth 2019? Daphne Joy is a model turned actress from Olongapo, Philippines. She was born on February 8th, 1987. This actress has a beautiful and sexy body measuring 34-24-34. Daphne Joy has made great strides as a model as well. She has signed and contracted many deals which have paid her off commercially very well.

She has been able to make her own in modelling as well as the film industry. Over the years she has become a good actress and model and earned a great measure of respect in the industry. She is good but on account of her acting prowess as well as a model it has held her own on the big stage and she has got all the attention which everyone desires to receive it.

Daphne Joy Net Worth


She has starred in the movies like Pirates of Caribbean: On Stranger’s Tides (2011), Setup (2011) and Frankenhood (2009). She was last seen in Fantastic Four.

She has superb body features which have also given her good publicity however her popularity rating at that level is not something she is proud of. This is because she has become famous more due to her relationships. She is hot in the papers not because of her professional works but mainly because of the public discussions going around about her personal lives and relationships. She is famous for her relationship with American rapper 50 cents. She has one son Sire Jackson from this relationship.

She has been a fitness freak and with the help of her Instagram account Shredz scouted with her and opened up new fitness audiences and helped her network to achieve high in the fitness world. Currently, she has around 1 million followers in Instagram and around 68k followers on Twitter.

Net Worth of Daphne Joy

Daphne Joy is one of the hottest actresses around and she is best known as 50 cent’s former girlfriend. A large chunk of her income has been through acting. In addition to that, she occasionally poses for prestigious magazines and that adds up her bank balance significantly. Her net worth is estimated around $1.2 million.

Daphne Joy is one of the stunning models turned actress today. It is said that whenever she enters the room, she fills every space with her happy and joyful glow and manages to make her off-the-scale sexiness look positively effortless. She is very passionate about fitness and health. This can be seen in her perfectly toned skin body which ultimately makes her one of the most sought our fitness model in this highly competitive film industry.

She is the perfect role model for the fashion-meets-fitness mainly because of her unique look and style. She has a disciplined work ethic which makes her the epitome of Iron Man magazine. Her fitness goal is to have a perfect body with abs and perky booty! She is on a mostly strict diet when she is on the photo shoot with no carbs, sweets or anything artificial. Her workout regime involves 20 minutes cardio at the gym and back-to-back reps of abs, glutes, and legs. She says that every exercise is her favourite.

She has born and grown in the Philippines and lived in California post becoming a model. Her mother is from the Filipino heritage while her father is Puerto Rican. She has loved modelling since a teenager, however, she started modelling professionally a few years ago. Her favourite vacation spot is all of the Caribbean islands and loves Mediterranean food as well. She loves to listen to Drake, Aaliyah, Janet Jackson, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson etc.

She rose from ranks to become one of the most sought after actresses today. Though she is still known as 50 cent’s ex-girlfriend but with time, she has made her own identity and is moving ahead in her career.