Cynthia Rhodes Net Worth 2018

Who is Cynthia Rhodes and what is her net worth 2018? Cynthia Rhodes is a former American singer, actress, and a dancer. She is best known for appearing in both ‘Staying Alive’ and ‘Flashdance’ in 1983. She was also featured on ‘Dirty Dancing’ of 1987.

Early Life

Cynthia Rhodes’ date of birth is 21st November 1956 in Nashville, Tennessee in the United States of America. She attended Glen cliff High School in the 1970s. There is no information in regards to her parents and siblings.

Cynthia Rhodes Net Worth

In 1983, Cynthia Rhodes and Richard Marx met. Richard Marx is a singer and a songwriter. They met during the ‘Staying Alive’ soundtrack as Marx was the one who was working on its motion pictures. Two years later, the two met again this time in a party. That’s when they decided to date. They courted for four years.

They eventually got married despite their age difference in 1984. Cynthia was seven years older than Marx. God blessed the couple with three kids namely Brandon Marx, Jesse Marx and Lucas Marx. Cynthia Rhodes decided to retire to have ample time of looking after his family. They later divorced after 25 years of marriage. Their divorce confirmation was done by one of Marx’s representative in a US Weekly article dated 4th April 2014.


Initially, Cynthia Rhodes was selective when it came to acting roles. Having been brought up in a church family, she tried to maintain a clean-cut image. Rhodes turned out scripts that required nudity. She also refused offers to pose for pictorials in Playboy magazine. Cynthia Rhodes has a small role in a film by the name Xanadu of 1980 as an ensemble dancer. In 1993, she appeared in two films namely ‘Flashdance’ with her role as Tina Tech and Staying Alive as Jackie.

That same year, she released two songs; ‘I’m Never Gonna Give You Up’ featuring Frank Stallone and ‘Finding Out The Hard Way’. The songs were in the Staying Alive Soundtrack. In 1984 she had a role in Runaway as an officer by the name Karen Thompson. One of a breakthrough is acting in Dirty Dancing in 1987 as Penny Johnson. In 1991, she released two songs namely ‘Room To Move’ and ‘Calling It Love’ in ‘Animotion’. Curse of the Crystal Eye is also another film in which she appeared in 1991 as Vickie Phillips.

Net Worth of Cynthia Rhodes

As a singer, actress and a dancer, Cynthia Rhodes have earned real money. Her career path has been a success, and she has been able to accumulate some wealth. Cynthia Rhodes has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

Cynthia Rhodes has appeared in various films. In some, she was acting, and in others, she was dancing. Rhodes also has released some songs. In the ‘Run Away’, she performed it together with Tom Selleck, Kirstie Alley, and Gene Simmons. In the Dirty Dancing, she danced with Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze.