Crystal Reed Net Worth

Who is Crystal Reed? What is net worth of Crystal Reed? The film and television industry is one such sector of the professional life that is bound with uncertainties, luck and lots and lots of heartbreaks. But still, people get desperate to take a sneak into the glamour world to try their hand at fortune and make a name for them. This is the beauty of this part of the industry if one has the capability, patience and determination; the success comes hand in hand. The industry has witnessed a number of people soaring high and reaching the peak of the career, and in that long list Crystal Reed is one such name that has started making rounds around the corner.

The American actress has made her entrance in the Film & Television industry in the most recent times. Born on February 6, 1985, the all American actress’s first notable sighting was in the MTV’s show Teen Wolf in 2011, where she played the character of Allison Argent. People saw more of her after a couple of years in her 2013 film “Crush” opposite Lucas Till. Along with this mentions, crystal Reed was seen in cameos and guest appearances in few episodes of some famous television series. The Hard Times of RJ Berger & CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) are among the ones she starred in 2010 and came into notice of the people.

Crystal Reed Net Worth 2017-2018

The gorgeous beauty has unnoticeable sweet dimples and she makes sure that she can make everyone feel her presence on the screen. The all American actress is of white ethnicity and she was born in Detroit, Michigan to American Parents. Reed has mentioned growing up in a conservative catholic family with her older brother Corey. Although catholic she actually attended Baptist Church while growing up. She has come to the notice of the audience after she bagged her lead role as Allison Argent in the successful TV series “Teen Wolf”.

Reed was later seen dating her Teen Wolf co-star Daniel Sharman. Daniel was an actor originating from England, and they were often spotted hanging out. They went out for several months before finally parting ways in the June of 2013. Crystal Reed was later intimidated by the TV and Radio presenter Darren McMullen. It was later in the year of 2013. Darren McMullen is also a Music Critic and Journalist by profession. There has been no news on marriage and divorce of Reed till date.

Education: Not all celebs had hard times coping up with the studies. Crystal was one student who had glorious childhood days.

She was a prominent student in her school for her active participation in dance and Reed graduated from the Roseville High School in 2003. Later Reed was part of the Bachelor of Fine Arts Program at Wayne State University.

Crystal Reed Net Worth

Crystal Reed was determined about choosing the path of acting as a profession from very early life. She took interest in theatre and musical clubs and was spotted in a number of local productions in her state. Her keen interest and persistence have helped her achieve the dream of becoming an actress in Hollywood and since then there is no turning back for this sexy and cute actress.

Owing to her number of guest appearances in TV series and famous films like “Crazy, Stupid, Love” and “Skyline” her net worth has hit the highs and the net worth is currently standing at $2.5 million US dollars in 2017. “Teen Wolf” and “Crush” has really helped her in building up her fortune.

Crystal Reed Business Model

Crystal Reed has entered the record books by being the highest paid actress of the current calendar year. She has smart stock investments, endorsement deals with CoverGirl Cosmetics and substantial property holdings as well. Her fashion line called “Crystal Reed Seduction”, along with a top selling perfume brand “with love from crystal”. She is the owner of the successful restaurant chain “Fat Reed Burger” in Washington and also an owner of Football team “The Detroit Angels”. So much to handle, isn’t it?

From a very early age, Crystal Reed had shown humongous interest towards this field. She was a Dance enthusiast, and she also studied dance and took up the captaincy of Dance in her high school. Theatres were always her passion and she actively participated in the local theatre groups of her home town and she also starred in musicals like Annie, Grease & Fiddler on the roof. Before moving to Hollywood to pursue her acting career seriously, she starred in a number of local productions in Chicago. Let’s have quick look at the list of her Films and Television Series.


Skyline in 2010
Crazy, Stupid Love in 2011
Jewtopia in 2012
Crush in 2013
Too late in 2015

TV Series

CSI in 2010
The Hard times of RJ Berger in 2010
Rizzoli & Isles in 2010
CSI: NY in 2010
Teen Wolf in 2011-2014
Drop Dead Diva in 2011
Teen Wolf in 2016
Teen Wolf in 2017

When you have the fortune you deserve, you feel like sharing it wisely with the underprivileged. The most famous of the actors from the industry are known for their outrageous charitable works for underprivileged people around the globe. Crystal Reed has followed the footsteps of her seniors and with her contribution in “Against Malaria Foundation” she is all set to make a difference.

Her profit from the line of limited edition T-shirts goes in the protection of people from Malaria and in real time providing them with nets and ensuring their proper usage.

Crystal Reed’s famous character Allison Argent when had a heroic ending in her TV series Teen Wolf, the fans demanded her return. While she returned for a special episode she is gone again. While the final season of the hit show is slated to release in a few months, Crystal Reed’s demand and spotting her running errands in Los Angeles could possibly be the hint of her return to the show.

While the producer of the show hinted that he is bringing back some of the old faces, it is most possibly be the return of Crystal Reed. Well, we want to spot this beautiful woman time and time again and we hope we get to. The world might have thanked the almighty enough for creating such a beautiful soul.