Courtney Thorne Smith Net Worth

Who is Courtney Thorne Smith and what is her net worth 2018? Destiny is not always the destination. The fate of destiny has the ability to take you to the most unusual of the places. But destiny thrives for hard work to accompany it, in order to reach a good destination. Many people all over the globe wish to become an actor at some point in their life and many become as well.

But out of those who become there are a huge bunch who chose and decided to take up Acting as their profession but due to unavoidable circumstances, they could not. They solely blame their stars and unfair luck, but that’s not always the case. One can never reach the success-destination if he/she is not travelling in the right direction and taking up hard work throughout the journey.

Courtney Thorne Smith Net Worth 2018-2019

Courtney Thorne Smith is one such big name in the Hollywood industry whose entry into the glamour world was not much celebrated by success. She is an example how one can shape up their destiny by thriving upon hard-work and tackling all the complications and difficulties of life with brave heart. She is a brave soul and despite all the family issues she had since she was a child, Courtney managed to come out with flying colours in her life’s examination.

Courtney Thorne Smith was born on 8th November 1967, to Walter Smith and Lora Thorne. While Lora was a therapist, Walter was a computer market researcher. Both her parents had differences in their life and that led to a separation when Courtney was just seven years old. Her life as a child was hard, missing out on the love of family is not easy. Courtney got the time of her parents separately and she spent different stages of her life with both of them. Courtney is the youngest child of her family, her elder sister Jennifer Smith is an advertising executive.

Courtney Thorne Smith was first married to Andrew Shue in the late 1990s but due to problems in the relationship, the couple chose to move separate ways in 2001. Later in the year 2007 on 1st of January, she married roger Fishman. Roger is an author by passion and wrote “What I know” and by profession, he is the president of the Marketing Firm in “Zizo Group”. a year later the couple was blessed by a child on the 11th of January 2011 and they named their baby boy “Jacob Emerson Fishman”.

Education: Courtney had her problems in the family but that did not stop her from getting her education qualifications right. She completed her High School degree from Menlo-Atherton High School that is located in Atherton in California. She got her graduation degree from Tamalpais High school in MIll Valley in California back in 1985. While in High school she wanted to explore her acting skills and performed with Ensemble Theater Company in Mill Valley

Courtney Thorne Smith Net Worth

The all American actress was born and brought up in San-Francisco, California. She bore the passion of acting since she was a child and she first came to the notice of the people with her role as Alison Parker in Melrose Place. She carried on doing good works and famous films like Ally McBeal and According to Jim.

Both these movies did very well at the box office and she came into the limelight. Later on, in 2010 she signed the famous TV series Two and a Half Men and rode the ladder of success. Owing to her passion for writing she wrote a novel Outside In and was appreciated by many. Her net worth currently stands at 8.6 million.

Great movie stars have always been linked with great endorsement news. Apart from a being a very good actor, Courtney smith has been getting her income from the brand endorsements. She is the spokesmodel for Almay and has been regularly the face of the brand “Atkins” since the year 2009. After that she was also the celebrity face of Botox.

Apart from acting, which she does very well Courtney smith is a passionate writer. Her passion towards writing is well reflected on the successful novel by her “Outside In”. “Outside In” is a comedy oriented novel that deals with the flipside of fame. It also focuses on the ever glorious Hollywood Industry but in a whole different avatar. The book received a huge amount of appreciation from readers hailing from all corners of the world. The novel is an invitation to the readers into the glamorous world of the biggest stars of the Industry.

Her talent speaks and it is quite evident from here acting. Courtney Smith in her illustrious career has been a part of a number of movies and a number of TV series as well. Some of her mentions are:


Welcome to 18 in 1986
Lucas in 1986
Revenge of the Nerds II in 1987
Summer Pool in 1987
Side out in 1990
Whisper of the hearts in 1995
Love Master in 1997
Chairman of the Board in 1998
Batman:New Times in 2005

TV series:

Fast Times
Growing Pain
Day by Day
Spin City
Ally McBeal
Sorority wars
Two and a half men
Fresh of the boat

Along with these she also featured in number of other TV series as well.

Courtney Smith is a talented actor and a fitness enthusiast as well. She always believed in keeping her health a primary focus of her life, and she strained a lot on dieting. Since 1988, she wanted to lose weight day by day and was 10 pounds short of ideal weight a woman of her stature should possess. But in the latest news, she decided that she needs to get rid of the weight losing obsession of hers. She feels exhausted and decided to stop dropping pounds.

We hope to see more of this talented actress in the coming future both in films and TV series. She looks forward to explore more in the field of writing as well.