Courteney Cox Net Worth

Who is Courteney Cox? What is net worth of Courteney Cox? Fresh faced and sparkly eyed Courteney Cox, best known as “Monica from Friends” has spent most of her career playing variations of an all-American girl we all have grown to adore. Courteney along with her everlasting beauty has been gifted with a multitude of talents which made her into a successful actress, director and producer.
On June 15, 1964, in Birmingham, Alabama, Courteney Bass Cox was born to businessman Richard Lewis Cox and his wife Courteney. Courteney was the youngest of her siblings with two older sisters, Virginia and Dottie along with an older brother Richard Jr. After her parents divorced in 1974, Courteney’s mother married businessman Hunter Copeland.

After dropping out from college Cox bolted to New York signing with Ford Modelling Agency after which magazine spreads and commercials followed. In the 1984 music video “Dancing in the Dark” she appeared as the young woman pulled on stage to dance with Bruce Springsteen. Minor supporting roles in TV series and films seemed to be her domain for quite a while until she landed the role of Monica Geller on Friends in 1994.

Courteney Cox Net Worth 2017-2018

She instantly became a small screen effigy as the sweet, partially tense, hygiene obsessed Monica for the decade-long sitcom Friends. This venture became popular enough to skyrocket Courteney’s career and provide her with the boost she needed. Even though Cox was unable to bring an Emmy her way unlike her Friends co-stars, she was regularly featured in several magazine hot lists and launched a moderately successful film career with the blockbuster comedy horror series Scream.

Since friends came to close in 2004 Cox kept a relatively low profile and returned to series television in her co-production Dirt as a tabloid editor. In 2009 Cox landed her next significant role in ABC’s primetime sitcom Cougar Town as a sexy single mom looking for new adventures.

After her high profile relationship with Michael Keaton ended in failure, Cox married her Scream co-star David Arquette on June 12, 1999. The couple was going through a hard time battling infertility issues publicly. In 2004, all the hard efforts paid out with the birth of Coco Riley Arquette who got Cox’s close friend and Friend’s co-star Jennifer Aniston as her Godmother.

Since October of 2011, Cox and Arquette announced their separation but maintained a close friendship and business relations in Coquette productions. In May 2013 the couple officially divorced after which Cox started dating Snow Patrol band member Johnny McDaid. On June 26, 2014, the couple announced their engagement on Twitter.

Education: Courteney had not taken a keen interest in her studies but she had a pretty amazing high school life. After graduating from Mountain Brook High School, Courteney moved to Washington D.C to attend Mount Vernon College. But she dropped out college and did not earn her architecture degree to pursue her career in modelling and acting to become the sensational diva she is. We love Courteney and basically addicted to see her growing every day and embracing her career passionately.

Courteney Cox Net Worth

Cox made quite a dime for herself back in the day with Guinness Book of World Records (2005). She, along with her Friends female co-stars is claimed to be the highest paid TV actress of all time with a fat paycheck of a million dollars per episode for the final two seasons of the hit sitcom. She is a talent that the world had recognised and immense love is still showered upon her. Being such a diverse actress, Courteney had made quite some million dollars in her career span. Cox has an estimated net worth of $132 million US dollars as of 2017. Cox earned hefty amounts in her following films:

• Masters of the Universe(1987) $50,000
• Ace Ventura: Pet Detective(1994) $200,000
• Scream(1996/1) $1,000,000
• Scream 2(1997) $5,000,000
• Commandments(1997) $1,000,000
• Scream 3(2000) $7,000,000
• 3000 Miles to Graceland(2002) $7,500,000
• November(2004) $150,000
• Scream 4(2011) $7,000,000

Courteney Cox Assets

Where can you buy your condo or mansion if you were blessed with the massive amount of money? Say some millions of dollars? Well, Beverly Hills, the ‘upscale town’ would be the first preference and what about Malibu?

Cox’s Beverly Hills property with former husband David Arquette has a market value of $19.5 million. Cox prefers her elegant residence at Malibu for over ten years which she likes to decorate with her changing aesthetics. Rich people indeed.

Courteney Cox Business Model

To have the net worth of $132 million, it takes several lifetimes for the gifted which Courtney has achieved in half a lifetime. In 2009 alone she earned $2.4 million through her $100,000 per episode deal with Cougar Town and a staggering $42 million from 2003-2004 from her Friends contract. Endorsements from Coca-Cola and Maybelline add to her fortune as well. She is the ‘beauty with brains’ and there is nothing to deny this fact.

Throughout her career prior to ‘Friends’, Courtney did supporting roles in multiple films and soap operas. She is well known for Friends and horror comedy franchise Scream but has a contributed a lot more to Hollywood and small screen throughout the years. Her major films include:

• Scream trilogy and Scream 4
• The Longest Yard
• Bedtime Stories
• The Runner
• Get Well Soon
• 3000 Miles to Graceland
• Ace Ventura: Pet Detective
Her major TV series include:
• Cougar Town
• Web Therapy
• Dirt
• Scrubs
• Friends
• Seinfield

Recently Courtney revealed her regrets on plastic surgery which robbed her of her natural beauty. Her recent breakup with Johnny McCaid was described as “brutal” by Cox, but all does not seem grim for Cox. She is set to appear in TLC’s ‘Who Do You Think You Are’.

Courtney has come a long way since her first appearance in “Dancing in the Dark” and has gone through the great turmoil called life defeating several challenges that came her way. The Monica in her is connected with the lives of the normal populace and it will forever remain connected. We can only hope this diva continues to shine in the future with the everlasting radiant elegance she oozes.