Claudia Jordan Net Worth

Who is Claudia Jordan? What is net worth of Claudia Jordan? Claudia Angela Jordan or Claudia Jordan is an America-based actress who was born on April 12th, 1973 in Rhode Island, US. She is well known for her presence in US version of Deal or No deal and she also appeared in The Real Housewives of Atlanta. She is a very famous actress for her work in various TV shows. Some of the people don’t know this but Claudia was a sprinter in her early ages and she even competed three times for the Junior Olympics, she also liked to participate in long jump activities during her early ages.

She has also won the crowns of ‘Miss Rhode Island teen the USA in 1990 and Miss Rhode Island teen the USA in 1997.She is in this industry for past 27 years and she has managed to work in lots of TV shows till now. But due to lack of films in her career, she is not recognized enough around the world. But still, plenty of people appreciate her work and those who have seen her shows, just appreciate her work in the shows.

Claudia Jordan Net Worth 2017-2018

Though she hasn’t worked in films but due to the good amount of shows she has worked in, she has managed to earn a good amount of money. Plenty of people is eager to know what the net worth of this TV star is. So, let’s give an answer to them.

Claudia Jordan Net Worth

She has worked in plenty of TV shows till now. Due to her acting skills and her beautiful face, she has earned lots of brand endorsements. Her salary and other income come from the TV show that she works in and from the brand endorsements. Though she has worked in the industry for 27 years now, but still she hasn’t managed to earn a good income to enjoy a lavish lifestyle. Her net worth is just $0.7 million US dollars as of 2017 which are very less for a person who has worked for more than 25 years in the industry. Though she can’t enjoy a lavish lifestyle with this income, but she can take out plenty of costs with this amount.

Claudia Jordan Assets

This actress has worked very hard, but unfortunately, she hasn’t received any kind of rewards for her hard work as she is not able to earn a good amount of money yearly. For an actress, the sole income is from the work that she does and from the brand endorsements that she carries with her, but in her case, even from all the endorsements and works, her income is quite less comparing to others.

This is why there isn’t any kind of property listed on her name, so it is possible that the house that she is living in currently is not in her name. She also doesn’t have any kind of assets or cars listed on her name. She travels in cars only, but that can be gifted by someone else. Though there is not even a single report present that says that she owns any car or property around the world, yet we are not completely sure about it.

Here is the number of TV shows that she has worked in till now.

• In 1999, Trippin& City Guys were the shows she worked in.
• In 2000, she worked in Jack& Jill and played Natasha.
• In 2001, She guest appeared in the best damn sports show period.
• From 2001-2003, she worked on The Price is Right as a Model.
• In 2002 she worked in Dog Eat Dog and The Bold and The Beautiful
• In 2005, she worked in that’s So Raven.
• From 2005-2010, she worked in Deal or No Deal.
• In 2007, she worked in Ballers as a co-host.
• In 2009, she participated in Celebrity Apprentice.
• In 2012, she co-hosted Tiny’s Tonight.
• In 2013, she appeared in Celebrity Apprentice – All stars.
• From 2014-2015, she was seen on The Real Housewives of Atlanta.
• In 2016, she started working in The Next: 15.

She was born with mixed ethnicities as her mother was Italian and her Father was African-American. She was married to Datari Turner, but the marriage was annulled in 2010.

So this was all about famous TV star Claudia Jordan, hope she has a good time in future.