Catherine Bell Net Worth 2018

Who is Catherine Bell and what is her net worth 2018? Catherine Lisa Bell or Catherine Bell is an Iranian-American actress who is very well known for role in TV series JAG and Army Wives. Initially, she was just a model and she also worked as a massage therapist during her early days. During this time she met singer Peter Gabriel, who gave her a chance to act in one of his shows in 1990. Then the actress went on to work in several TV shows and currently she is around 27 years old in the entertainment industry.

She is still getting plenty of work and people really appreciate her work all around the world. Especially her characters in JAG and Army Wives were loved by everyone. Now people want to know that how much the actress has earned after working for more than 25 years in the entertainment industry. So let’s dig more information about her.

Catherine Bell Net Worth

Net Worth of Catherine Bell

The talented actress managed to earn lots of appreciation by people around the world and thus she managed to attract lots of directors and producers as well. She is a producer too and has produced plenty of shows in her career. Due to her acting skills, she has worked in plenty of shows till now and has fetched lots of money for a lavish lifestyle.

She has managed to earn lots of brand endorsements as well which adds on to her annual income and her net worth. Currently, her net worth is somewhere near $40 million, which is perfect for an actress who has worked for so many years in the industry. She is not done yet and she is continuing her good work with her TV shows. She will continue making a good amount with the help of her brilliant skills.

Though the actress kind of enjoys living lavishly, yet there are some points where the stars like to save their money. Catherine must have saved her money on buying any car and may have been using a car that is gifted to her by somebody else. We are saying this because there aren’t any cars listed on her name, but a star with such huge worth can’t be living without a car, so the car she takes with her right now, must be a gifted one or on the name of her loved one.

As we said that the actress likes to live a lavish life and thus she spends lots of money on buying properties. Earlier Catherine had bought a house in LA which contained 5 bedrooms and 6 Bathrooms and was spread on an area of 5675 Sq. Ft. The house was bought for a whopping amount of $2.8 million.

Then again she went on to buy another house, this time in the Hidden Hills community in LA. This house contained 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms and also contained every kind of luxury that a person needs. Though there wasn’t any indoor pool in it, but except that it had every kind of luxury in it.

Some of the important TV shows that she has worked in

• She worked in JAG from 1996 to 2005 and played the role of Lt. Col. Sarah Mackenzie.
• She worked in Army Wives from 2007 to 2013 and played the role of Denise Sherwood.
• She has been working in Good Witch from the year 2015 till now and she is playing the role of Cassandra Nightingale. She is also the Co-Producer in it.
• In 2005, she worked in The Triangle and played the role of Emily Patterson for which she also got nominated for a Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actress on TV.

She loves to spend a lot of time with her loved once especially with her family members. She got divorced from her former spouse Adam Beason from which she had two children. She spends lots of time with them and even goes on vacations with them during her free time. Here is the full detail of the family:

• Father – Peter Bell
• Mother – Mina Bell
• Son – Ronan Beason
• Daughter – Gemma Beason

So this was everything that one should know about this multi-talented artist. We don’t think that she will be thinking to stop her acting her producing career in coming years and that is why she can even take her net worth to $50 million in coming years.