Bruna Marquezine Net Worth

Who is Bruna Marquezine and what is her net worth 2018? Bruna Marquezine’s birth name is Bruna Reis Maia. She preferred to adopt her grandmother’s last name which was Marquezine. Bruna is a Brazilian actress and model born on 4 August, 1995. Bruna was raised in Caxias, Brazil by her father Telmo Maia and mother Neide Maia. She also has a sister named Luana Marquezine who has also appeared on Tv. She was five years old when she was discovered by director Cininha de Paula. The director gave her the chance to play Salette in the show “Mulheres Apaixonadas”, making her a national celebrity.

By the time she reached 15, she had been a part of several projects such as; Desejo Proibido, America, Negocio da China, Cobras & Lagatos, Aquele Beijo, Arguaia and Salve Jorge. Bruna was cast as the last Helena of Manoel Carlos in 2014 and by that time her sister Luana Marquezine had also made her debut in the show “El Familia”. When Bruna was young she was a part of videos and commercials with the presenter Xuxa and in 1999, she was seen in a program titled “Gente Inocente”. The program was presented by Marcio Garcia.

Bruna Marquezine Net Worth 2018-2019

Bruna was also seen in a video in Xuxa So Para Baixinhos and later asked to make a prime time telenovel. In the same year as her TV debut, Bruna was cast as Julia in a film titled “Xuxa Abracadabra”. She joined the cast of the Tele-novel titled “America” in 2005 and played the blind character of Maria Flor. She essayed the role of Lurdinha in the 2006 show “Cobras & Lagartos” and followed it up with the portrayal of Maria Agusta in the show “Desejo Proibido” in 2007.

She was also seen in the character of Flor de Lys in the 2008 show “Negocio da China” and portraying herself in the show “Conexao Xuxa” in the same year. After a bit of a dry patch in 2009, Bruna appeared in the 2010 Tele-novel “Araguaia” where she beautifully essayed the role of professor Teresinha. She was later able to bag the major role of Miss Belezinha in “Aquele Beijo” in 2011. Bruna was also an important part of the prime time show “Salve Jorge” in 2012 after which she starred in “Alem do Horizonte” in the year 2013.

She was then asked by Manoel Carlos to join in on the second phase of the novel “El Familia” to portray a traditional character named Helena. She later played the daughter of the same character in the third and final stage of the novel. She played the character of Lois and Helena was then played by Julia Lemmertz. The Tele-Novel is aired on Globo Television on prime time.

Bruna has also played parts in “I Love Paraisopolis” in 2015 as Marinate and “Nada Sera Como Antes” in 2016 as Beatriz and has also appeared in more than 200 episodes of “Mulheres Apaixonadas”. She was also cast to play Roselli in the next directorial venture of John Swetnam and a production by Uri Singer. The film was titled “Breaking Through” and released in 2015.

Bruna won the award for ‘Best Child Actress’ as Maria Flor in “America” in many award ceremonies and was also nominated for many of her performances in different categories.

Bruna has reportedly been on and off in her relationship with soccer player and legend Neymar since 2013 and is apparently very popular on Instagram with almost 20 million followers.

Education: Bruna started working as an actress at the age of five, which did not leave her with enough time to finish her education, neither did she feel the requirement. Her education as an actor started when she was picked up by director Cininha de Paula when she was five. It was for the show titled “Mulheres Apaixonadas” of which she did more than 200 episodes.

Bruna Marquezine Net Worth

The net-worth of Bruna Marquezine which is at $3 million at the moment is surely expected to increase in the near future considering the amount of popularity she has received and the performances she has delivered. We also have to keep in mind that she is still very young and has a long way to go in her career.

Bruna Marquezine has never needed a set strategy as things started coming to her at a very young age. She has also made sure through her performances that work keeps coming to her. She has done well to maintain her popularity throughout the years.

Bruna has lately been busy reuniting her relationship with the Brazilian football star Neymar. They have recently been noticed together in many public places and have been posting a lot of pictures and videos on social media. Bruna is certainly looking forward to doing good projects this year but is happy spending time with her boyfriend at the moment. Reports of their break-ups and patch-ups have emerged many times in the past few years.

From being picked up as a child artist for an important role and delivering brilliant performances to being linked to the soccer star Neymar, Bruna Marquezine has certainly had her hands full. With her cute and beautiful looks and time on her side, she is surely set to make a mark for herself, not just nationally but around the world as well.