Brit Marling Net Worth

Who is Brit Marling and what is her net worth 2018? Brit Hey worth Marling or Brit Marling is an America-based actress, screenwriter, and producer who was born on August 7th, 1982. She first came into notice with documentary Boxers and Ballerinas. She came into limelight with movies Sound of my voice, Another Earth, and the East. These were the movies in which she didn’t only perform as a lead actor, but she had also co-written those movies.

Her focus primarily was to go for acting only, but due to the pressure of her parents, she had to concentrate on studies. She has been in this industry since last 10 years and has managed to attract a lot of eyes from the people all around the world. In a very short career, she has managed to work in various movie and shows.

Brit Marling Net Worth 2018-2019

As she is in this entertainment industry, everyone around the world wants to know about her lifestyle, about the house she is living in and most importantly her net worth. So let’s just not waste more time and straightaway find her net worth.

Brit Marling Net Worth

As she is working as a producer, actor, and screenwriter, she has managed to fetch a lot of money for her living. As even in her 30’s she looks very beautiful, she has managed to attract the eyes of some brand as well; she is working with many brands and thus far earns a lot of money by brand endorsements. Right now, she is having a net worth of approximately $5 million which is quite good for a star that has spent just 10 years in this field. She will be seen in many movies in the future and may produce some of them too. So she can turn her net worth into a big amount very soon.

As her yearly income is around 200 thousand a year, she is not used to many luxurious things yet. There aren’t any cars listed on the name of the star and therefore she hasn’t owned one yet. And there isn’t any house listed on her name too. There isn’t any luxurious asset that Brit has purchased till now. That means that her love for luxurious things is pretty low or may be is due to her low income right now.

Being in the industry for a decade now, she has worked in a lot of movies and she even appeared in plenty of TV shows in her career till now. Here is a list of all of them:

• The Recordist
• Political Disasters
• Another Earth
• Sound of My Voice
• Arbitrage
• The East
• The Company You Keep
• The Better Angels
• I Origins
• The Keeping Room
• Posthumous

From these movies, she had worked as a co-producer and co-writer in the movies Another Earth and Sound of My Voice. She won two awards for her movie Another Earth. The awards were for San Diego Society Award for best actress and Sitges Film Festival Award for best actress. In spite of winning these awards, she has been nominated several times for her movies Another Earth and Sound of My Voice. She has also appeared in many TV shows, here is a list of them.

• In 2011, she worked in a TV show called community.

• In 2014, she worked in a TV show called Babylon.

• From 2016 to present, she is working on a TV show called The OA.

So these were all the achievements, awards, movies and TV shows she has worked in till now.


Every celebrity and every person have his own preferences, some prefer work over family others do the opposite of it. Some of them do the balance; this is the route that Brit follows. Though she is quite busy in shootings and other works that she has, she is always seen spending time with her parents and her boyfriend. Here is the full family detail:

• John Marling – father
• Heidi Marling – mother
• Morgan Marling – Sister

So this was everything that you wanted to know about your favourite actress and screenwriter Brit Marling. Though she is still working and going good in this industry, but she is moving quite slowly and she may take very long to make her net worth double the amount she is currently at.