Beth Behrs Net Worth

Who is Beth Behrs? What is net worth of Beth Behrs? Beth Behrs is a super – talented American actress and singer born on 26th December 1985 (31 years) in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States. She was born in a conservative family of a college administrator (David Behrs) and first-grade school teacher (Maureen Behrs). From a young age of 4, she started to play in theatres. At the high school, she got selected for the school’s drama society and was starred in many plays.

She moved to a number of places in her childhood before finally settling in Los Angeles, California to study acting and theatre. The actress got him first big break in a teen comedy film ‘American Pie Presents: The Book of Love’ There was no stopping after that, she went ahead and got starred in ‘Adventures of Serial Buddies’. In 2010 she got her own feature short film called ‘Route 30, too!’ Other than the big screen guest appeared in various TV shows like NCIS: Los Angeles, Castle, and Repeat after me etc.

Beth Behrs Net Worth 2017-2018

After 7 auditions she managed to get herself a lead role in 2011 serial ‘2 Broke Girls’ and is currently preparing for her sixth season. She also voiced a Pixar animated films ‘Monsters University’ and ‘My name is Doris’. Recently she got engaged to her friend Michael Gladis in 2016 after having a long six – year relationship and even got starred in a short film together ‘The Argument’.

Education: The actress had an exciting childhood as well with opportunities to make new friends whenever she moved to a new city. This signifies her love and interest for studying. She started from E.C. Glass High School in Virginia and then moved to Tamalpais High School when she along with her family moved to Marin County, California. After her schooling, she moved to Los Angeles to study at UCLA School of Theatre, Film, and Television and graduated with a degree in critical studies in 2008. She was awarded Vocal scholarship after graduation.

Beth Behrs Net Worth

The multi – talented actress has an approximate net worth of USD $7 million and growing as of 2017. The following are the expected figures –

Hello my name is Doris – USD $1,048,951
Monsters University – USD $852,273
Route 30, too – USD $487,013
Chasing Eagle Rock – USD $649,351
Adventure of Serial Buddies – USD $378,788

Apart from movies, he is believed to earn a handsome amount from her serial ‘2 Broke Girls’ as well. Her net worth grew almost USD $2.6 million from 2012 to 2017.

Beth Behrs Business Model

The young talented actress has a number of sources to earn like her roles in movies, for which she charges a good amount. Her guest appearances on TV shows and events are also chargeable. Other than this her presence in various award functions and short feature films also add a decent number of zeroes to her account. She also endorses brands and receives sponsorships. But majorly she earns from her serial ‘2 Broke Girls’ and is ready to make a comeback in the sixth season.

The actress and singer did not win any awards till date but has received 2 nominations both for her serial ‘2 Broke Girls’. She received her first nomination in 2012 in Teen choice Awards in the category Choice TV Breakout Performance. In 2014 she received the second one in People’s Choice Awards. Irrespective she is loved by her fans and has received a lot of appreciation for her roles.

Recently the two actresses along with the star cast of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ and ‘The Middle’s’ were spotted at the unveiling of their billboard for the batman Lego movie on February 6th, 2017 in Burbank, Calif. A ton of pictures about the event can be seen throughout the internet and various social media websites. Even the actresses posted them on their official Instagram and twitter handles.

The actress did not experience a stable childhood life and was on the move until recently, but she did not give up on her dreams and worked very hard to make them come true. This signifies that without handwork one cannot achieve or fulfill their dreams.