Bernadette Peters Net Worth 2018

Who is Bernadette Peters and what is her net worth 2018? Bernadette Peters is one of the most famous actresses in the world today, being remembered for many loveable roles over the years. She is known for acting in the theatre with a great and successful career. She is known for her good looks and intelligence in general, which is why all-time greats in the form of directors hire her time and again.

Her bright life-filled eyes and bee-sting lips add to her great charm and beauty which are further enhanced by her acting talent, and presence of mind. Her comedic musical work along with her period work is greatly enjoyed by her audiences worldwide.

Bernadette Peters Net Worth

Early Life

Her maiden name is Bernadette Lazzara, with her being born in Ozone Park, Queens, New York. She is a Tony Award-winning actress, who made her acting debut at the tender age of 11 in the project named “Most Happy fella.” She gained fame as the character ruby in the off-Broadway musical Dames at Sea. This was shortly followed by appearances in movies such as Pennies from Heaven, Silent Movie and the Jerk.


This actress has a long and eventful career going for her. Receiving critical acclaim for the portrayal of the character named Ruby. Originally held Off-Broadway at Caffe Cino in Greenwich Village, it later moved on to another venue.

She didn’t fall into the trap of being typecast into a single role by taking on various other roles which vary from each other widely. She played Mabel Normand opposite Robert Preston’s Mack Sennett, and this was in the musical comedy named Mack and Mabel. She has been against moving out of her native city New York, but is still known to travel across to LA for more significant roles in movies.

High Pitched as she is, she is also a versatile person in the acting domain, staying away from the dumb blonde stereotype, and making her known for intelligence.

Her future career saw her returning to the Broadway stage, in the 80s, gaining back so much of her fame and glory as an actor there. She acted in musicals such as Sunday in the Park with George, Song and Dance and Into the Woods and more. She is also known to revive classics from time to time. She has been linked with Steve Martin for a long time. But she went and married Michael Wittenberg in 1996 and who passed away due to an air travel accident.

Net Worth of Bernadette Peters

She has a dynamic net worth of $44 Million depending on her annual salary and her engagements at a particular time. She gains her revenue from acting in movies, theatre and also by making guest appearances in movies and TV series from time to time.

Bernadette Peters is a highly recognisable face and has a loyal fan base that spans generations. She is known to be a great person at heart and deserves all the money and fame she has earned, along with her popularity.