Barbara Eden Net Worth

Who is Barbara Eden and what is her net worth 2018? Barbara Eden is renowned as an American based stage, film, and television actress, as well as a singer. She is greatest acknowledged for her featuring role of “Jeannie” noted in sitcom entitled I Dream of Jeannie. Net worth of Barbara Eden is high in millions; get further details by reading below:

Eden’s birth place is Tucson, located in Arizona, born as a daughter of Alice Mary and Hubert Henry Morehead. It is revealed that her parents were respectively 17 and 22 years of age, when she was born, as per her birth certificate. For many decades, her birth year was supposed to be 1934. Subsequently her parents got divorce and she along with her mother shifted to San Francisco. At this place, her mother got married to Harrison Connor, recognised as a telephone lineman, and from him she had a daughter.

Barbara Eden Net Worth

It is known that the Great Depression intensely influenced the family, and because these people were incapable to pay for many luxuries, her mother usually entertained kids through singing songs. In her career, Eden’s leading public performance was made as singing in church choir, in which she worked to sing the solos.

Initially, Eden started working on her TV career in form of a semi-regular cast on The Johnny Carson Show back in year 1956. Moreover, she too made appearances on many shows. Names of shows in which she was featured are The West Point Story, The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, Private Secretary, Highway Patrol, I Love Lucy, Target: The Corruptors!, The Millionaire, Crossroads, Gunsmoke, Perry Mason, December Bride, Bachelor Father, Adventures in Paradise, Father Knows Best, The Andy Griffith Show, Saints and Sinners, Cain’s Hundred, The Virginian, The Rogues, Slattery’s People, as well as the series finale for Route 66. Apart from this, Eden was too featured in guest role in four episodes of Burke’s Law, performing many roles every time.

Eden’s appearance in Hollywood in improved manner originated when she was featured in one play featured with James Drury. Film director named Mark Robson, the one who later directed this actress in movie -From the Terrace, had arrived to this play as well as he insisted her for featuring in 20th Century Fox studios. In the next year, she performed role in one supporting role in form of Lt. Cathy Connors in Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.

Moreover, she was also featured in The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm, recognised as a Cinerama based film for MGM, as well as other Irwin Allen based production for 20th Century Fox, entitled as Five Weeks in a Balloon. Other than this, she stayed as female lead in year 1962 Fox comedy entitled Swingin’ Along, featuring Peter Marshall and Tommy Noonan, in their concluding joint screen based appearance.

It is found that Bewitched was actually the number two show featured on television in year 1964. After its heels, in year 1965, producer named Sidney Sheldon contracted Eden to feature in his next fantasy based sitcom entitled as I Dream of Jeannie. Once, Eden was contacted by Sheldon who saw her in The Brass Bottle as well as he had been endorsed by several co-workers. Moreover, Eden was featured in many musical comedies like The Sound of Music, Nite Club Confidential, South Pacific with Robert Goulet, Annie Get Your Gun, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and The Pajama Game with John Raitt.

Barbara Eden net worth

Barbara Eden is essentially a renowned actress with noticeable net worth of $12 million. In her career, Eden has grossed her wealth from several acting stints made in famous television shows. Moreover, on account of her beautiful voice, she got many singing based projects that helped her to earn more. Being a teenager, Eden too sang in local bands for worth of $10 per night in night clubs in those days.

Starting career from year 1956, Barbara Eden made prominent place in field of acting and singing mainly. She is among very few actress who grabs such huge income and stardom even at this age.