Arielle Kebbel Net Worth

Who is Arielle Kebbel and what is her net worth 2018? Famous all over the world because of her stunning figure, Arielle Caroline Kebbel is an American actor and model. Born on 19 February 1985, she has a mixed parentage. Her father is a pure German by birth whereas her mother, Sheri has German, Austrian, and English ancestors. Originally belonging to Winter park, Florida, she had a photogenic face right since childhood. She has a brother named Christian and a sister by the name of Julia.

She is a model at heart. Before entering the field of films, she was a full-time model. She has even participated in the 2002 Miss Florida Teen USA pageant. She is a tall girl with a proportionate figure, making her the heartthrob of the younger generation.

Arielle Kebbel Net Worth

She started her acting career in 2003 with a prominent role in the television serial “The CW’s Gilmore Girls.” She has played a major part in several editions of the soap opera. Her entry into films was through the comedy film “Soul Plane” in 2004. She is famous for her roles in the TV serials such as “The Vampire Diaries,” “True Blood,” and “Life Unexpected,” etc.

Education: Though not much detail is available of her educational credentials, the Maile Acting School can take the credit for melding her as an actor. She is a noted alumnus of this school in Central Florida. She later on migrated to LA to pursue her acting career.

Arielle Kebbel Net Worth

She has an estimated net worth of $4 million. The income from her television shows and movies form the bulk of the earnings. Of course, she is a successful model as well in her own right. It is natural for her to have her own house and car. However, the exact details are not available anywhere on the internet.

She has an attractive face. She has graced the cover pages of many publications such as FHM, Stuff, and Maxim, etc. After gaining success as a top model, she shifted her attention towards acting. She has achieved great success in this field as well. She commands an excellent base price that does perfect justice to her looks and talent. Her net worth comprises of income mainly from the field of modelling and acting. Of course, she has acted in many commercials as well.

Arielle has her share of romantic liaisons with many of her co-stars. It is natural because she has a beautiful face and a more beautiful body to boot as well. She has been in a relationship with Brahman Turner, one of her co-stars. This partnership did not last for long. At present, she is in a steady relationship with Aaron Bay-Schuck.

She has exhibited the humane side of her nature on many occasions. She expressed solidarity with the victims of the Orlando shootout in 2016 while condemning the dastardly act at the same time.

She has recently played the role of a local sports reporter in the second season of HBO comedy “Ballers.” She also plays the love interest of the lead hero, Dwayne ‘Rock’ Johnson in the series. This should be one of her latest coups.

She is very active on the social network with Instagram being her favourite social media platform.

She was in the news very recently because she fell victim to a nude photos scandal. Many actors have fallen prey to such scandals. Arielle is the latest to join the bandwagon. The FBI is investigating this case. However, there is also news on the internet that this particular news item is false. Of course, only time can tell the truth. There have also been rumours of Arielle Kebbel marrying and having children secretly. How far this news is true, no one knows.

One must conclude that this extremely attractive actor is a talented one as well. Known for her powerful portrayal in television serials such as 90210, The Vampire Diaries, and John Tucker Must Die, Arielle Kebbel has proved her mettle in this tough film industry. She has achieved success in everything she has attempted until now.