Arianne Zucker Net Worth

Who is Arianne Zucker and what is her net worth 2018? Born on June 03, 1974 in Northridge, CA, Arianne Zucker’s original name is Arianne Bethene Zuckerman. Her father, Barry was a plumber while her mother, Barbara worked as a laboratory technician. She and her elder brother, Todd had their early childhood at Chatsworth. As a child, she had a fascination for acting and modelling.

People know her by the character she portrayed on the TV soap opera, “Days of Our Lives,” Nicole Walker. By this time, she had changed her name to Arianne Zucker. Although she did many other acting assignments, this character of Nicole Walker made her famous all over the world.

Arianne Zucker Net Worth 2018-2019

She played prominent roles in other TV soaps such as CSI: Miami, DeVanity, etc. She did a couple of guest roles as well in serials such as Guest in Pyramid, and the Bonnie Hunt Show.

About 5 ft 9 inches tall, she had a great time as a model. Starting out at the young age of 16 years, modelling assignments made her visit many countries such as France, Japan, and Australia, etc.

Ariane had a romantic liaison with fellow actor Michael Dietz from 1997 to 1999 before taking the vows with Kyle Lowder in 2002. This couple has a daughter by the name of Isabella Resse. The marriage lasted until 2014 following which she started dating TV actor Shawn Christian.

Education: She did her initial schooling from Chatsworth High School graduating in the year 1992. By the time she was 16 years old, she was into modelling assignments. She attended the acting school at Los Angeles Pierce College and followed it up with a brief stint at the Howard Fine Studio.

Arianne Zucker Net Worth

She has a net worth of $6.5 million. Naturally, the bulk of her earnings is from her role in the opera, “Days of our Lives.”

Of course, she has tremendous physical assets. Other than the naturally endowed assets, she has property, stocks, cars, etc. This figure is under scrutiny by the authorities. However, one can safely assume the figure to be correct considering the fact that she is an actor of repute.

You can also list her awards as one of her assets. She has won the Best Villain award (Soap Opera Digest Award) for her role in the soap, “Days of Our Lives” in 2001. She has achieved four other nominations as well in the subsequent years.

Primarily a model and a TV soap actor, she has dome some films as well. Her first film was a short film, “Looking for Bobby D.” She did roles in some other films such as “The Last Resort,” and “Unfinished Betrayal.”

She has appeared in some commercials for Mazda and McDonalds. During her younger days, she has also worked as a cheerleader.

She has been in the news for all the wrong reasons as well. During his Presidential Campaign, the US President Donald Trump had stated in an interview he would be able to force himself on her without attracting any protest because of his celebrity status. People, not aware of the connection between Trump and Ariane, could brush it off as a publicity hogging campaign by Trump. She was the woman Trump was referring to when he made those infamous quotes about grabbing women by the p…y.

However, people who have not watched the show, “Days of Our Lives” might not know that Donald Trump had played a cameo in the soap opera along with Ariane. She had also stated that she enjoyed working with Trump, even though Trump messed up his lines frequently. She had quoted Trump as being cute and charming.

Until date, Arianne Zucker has appeared in more than 1500 episodes of the soap. This character, Nicole Walker has made Ariane a known face all over the country. She may have been the object of attraction for Donald Trump when he made those comments about her but the fact is that she played a big role in literally undermining Trump’s campaign. It is a different matter that he became the President of the USA subsequently.