Ann Margret Net Worth

Who is Ann Margret and what is her net worth 2018? Ann-Margret Olsson commonly known as Ann Margret is a Swedish-American actor, singer and dancer who is widely known for the series of awards she has won including Emmy award, Golden Laurel award, golden globe award and She has been nominated for Oscars two times and she is best recognised for her outstanding performances in the movies like Viva Las Vegas, Carnal, Knowledge, Tommy, The Cincinnati Kid and Bye-Bye Birdie.

Ann Margret was born on April 28, 1941, in Stockholm, Sweden. Her mother’s name was Regina and her father’s name was Carl Gustav Olsson. She was raised in Sweden with her mother while her father was working in the United States, she moved to the USA with her mother to join her father in November 1946. She graduated from the New Trier High school and Northwestern University, so since 1967.

Ann Margret Net Worth

Personal Life: She was married to former actor Roger Smith in 1967, her husband Roger died in 2017. Ann Margret doesn’t have any children. She was previously romantically linked with the rockstar Elvis Presley.

Ann Margret while attending her college in 1959 formed a jazz combo called ‘The Suttletones’ with her three classmates, to pursue her singing career she next headed to the west coast with her band. Later, She got a contract from RCA for recording and a seven-year movie contract from 20th-century fox.

She made her first debut on the big-screen in the year 1961 in the movie titled ‘Pocket full of dreams’, following that she launched her albums named as ‘And here is Ann-Margret’ and ‘I just do not Understand’ which were pretty successful. Ann-Margret gained the popularity after her movie ‘State Fair’ in 1962 and by that time she became an established star.

She has also starred in TV shows like ‘The 10th kingdom’, ‘Popular’, ‘Blonde’, ‘A place called home’, ‘Army Wives’,’CSI: crime scene investigation’ and many more.

Ann-Margret has won Several awards in her career including the prestigious Golden Laurel award which she has won 5 times. She has also won the Golden Globe award 5 times. She has also won the awards like Photoplay, Cinevegas International Film festival award, and Emmy award. She was nominated for the Oscar two times.

Ann-Margret has touched millions of hearts by her autobiography titled as ‘Ann-Margret: My story’ which was published in 1994 where she revealed some secrets like her alcoholism problem. He ranked 10th in top 100 sexiest stars by Magazine Empire in 1995.

Ann Margret Net Worth

The total estimated net worth of Ann Margret is around whopping $22 million. For a personality like Ann Margret, such fortune is obvious. She has worked for more than 4 decades in movies and earned a lot of money from such a long career.

Ann-Margret, During WWII, had moved from Sweden with her family to the United States and got settled near Chicago when she was six years old, she said that she still loves the people of her hometown and they also love her back. During the Vietnam war, she toured there and cheered the troops. She even raised three children of her late husband Smith which makes her a very kind person.