Angie Dickinson Net Worth 2018

Who is Angie Dickinson and what is her net worth 2018? Angie Dickinson used to be an actress from the United States of America until 2009. She acted in many series and films as a major and a supporting roles. Angie also has many awards including Golden Globes awards along with many other nominations. Her last appearance on TV was in 2009 in a film called “Mending Fences”.

Early Life

Angie Brown was born on September 30, 1931 in North Dakota, United States. Her father, Leo Henry Brown, worked in a newspaper as an editor, and her mother is Frederica Brown. First they lived in North Dakota, then they moved to Burbank, California. Angie is a business graduate from Glendale Community College, California. Angie has 1 older sister and 3 younger sisters. Her father, Leo Henry Brown died in 1966 and her mother, Frederica Brown died in 1980.

Angie Dickinson Net Worth

Angie was married and divorced twice. First marriage was to Gene Dickinson, he was a football player and they stayed together for 8 years (1952-1960), but she decided to keep her last name as Dickinson. After 5 years of being single, Angie married Burt Bacharach, he is a composer, songwriter and a music producer.

In 1962 they got their only daughter, her name was Nikki. In 1981 Burt Bacharach and Angie got divorced. Nikki had a lot of health problem that caused her emotional pain, in 2007, Nikki committed suicide by suffocating herself.


Angie’s career didn’t start with TV, her first work was as a secretary. After a while, Angie appeared in a comedian series called “The Colgate Comedy Hour” and that’s when she decided that she wanted to act. She acted in a film called “Ocean’s 11”. In 1964 Angie appeared in a drama TV series called “The Fugitive” and she got really famous because of it, after that she appeared in two episodes of the series “Alfred Hitchcock Hour”.

In 1954, Angie appeared in a musical comedy film called “Lucky Me”, after that she got very famous and appeared in many films. The last film Angie appeared in was released in 2009, called “Mending Fences”.

Net Worth of Angie Dickinson

Angie Dickinson acted in many TV series and films and because of her many outstanding performance she earned many awards including, “Golden Globe Award for New Star of the Year” 1960, and just for the series “Police Woman” she earned 2 awards, “Golden Globe Best Actress in a Drama Series” and “Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series”, and for the drama film “Dressed to Kill”, she earned “Saturn Award for Best Actress”.

For her contribution to the TV, she received a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Angie Dickinson has a net worth of $33 million.

Angie Dickinson had a successful acting career from 1954 until 2009, which was in the drama film “Mending Fences”. She earned many awards for her outstanding performance in many TV series and films and she acted in more than 40 films and 50 series. She’s now 85 years old and maybe still living in California.