Andrea Joy Cook Net Worth

Who is Andrea Joy Cook and what is her net worth 2018? Andrea Joy Cook is a Canadian actress, born on July 22, 1978. She is known for her character in comedy TV series, Criminal Minds. She appeared as Supervisory Special Agent in Criminal Minds. A.J Cook spent most of her early life in Whitby. She went to Anderson Collegiate Vocational Institute. Andrea almost lost her eyesight due to Astigmatism. She wore glasses which helped her see.

She was very fond of dancing from very early age, Andrea took dancing lessons at the age of 4. But soon, she decided to try acting as well. After that, she stepped into the world of acting, but she never stopped dancing. In an interview, she stated that she still dances.

Andrea Joy Cook Net Worth

She has three siblings. Nathan, Paul, and Angela. Her father’s name is Mike Cook, and her mother’s name is Sandra Cook. She had a wonderful childhood with her parents. Her parents supported her in every decision.

Andrea Joy Cook Net Worth

The net worth of A.J. Cook is $4.5 million. She has an endorsement in Women Running magazine.

A.J. Cook is happily married. She married Nathan Anderson in 2001. Two met during a film shooting and fell in love. A.J Cook has two beautiful children, Mekhai Allan Andersen and Phoenix Sky Andersen. She has a beautiful house in Los Angeles, California. She lives with her husband and children.

One can say that A.J. Cook is religious. She is the part of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Even though she is religious, she never hesitates to take bold roles at all.

Cook’s best friends name is Meghan Ory. She is also an actress. Cook and Meghan share their moments with their fans via social networking a lot.

A.J. Cook made her very first appearance in McDonald’s commercial in 1997. It was the start of her acting career. After that, she worked on some projects as a guest star. Soon after that, she got a part in a film The Virgin Suicides in 1999. That was the real start of her profession.

After the success of the movie, Cook had many opportunities in acting. A.J. Cook was offered the main role in a TV show, Higher Ground. She did 22 Episodes of the show. In 2001, she appeared in three movies, Wishmaster 3: Beyond the Gates of Hell, Ripper and Out Cold. And that was merely a start. She appeared in many movies and TV shows like Dead like me as Charlotte, Tru Calling as Lindsay Walker, Bloodsucker as Fiona, The House Next Door as Lori Peterson.

She was also a part of very famous movie series, Final Destination. She was a part of Final Destination 2. Her character was Kimberly Corman.

A.J. Cook’s Movies to Watch:

As you know, A.J. Cook worked in many movies and TV shows. Some of these movies are remarkably good and entertaining to watch. Following are some of the recommended movies.

• Final Destination 2: Final Destination 2 is a horror movie. A mystery starts when random accidents start to happen, and people start to die. Kimberly, played by A.J Cook, starts something that makes most of her friends die horrible deaths. Though this movie is a classic but very entertaining to watch.

• Out Cold: Though Out Cold does not have a very high rating but it is very fun to watch. Out Cold was the very first movie of A.J. Cook.

A.J. Cook is working on some new projects with old colleagues. Cook is going to work in Josh Stewart’s movie, Back Fork. Josh Stewart worked with Cook in Criminal Minds. Back Fork is going to be an Indie film. Josh Stewart stated that this film is going to give you all kind of creeps.

A.J Cook has had a very elegant life. She worked beautifully and shared her talent with the world. But her career is not over yet. She is still working on new projects and bringing us joy. We hope to see her in new movies and series as well.