Amanda Peterson Net Worth

Amanda Peterson was an American actress. Her real name was Phyllis Amanda Peterson. She was known for her roles in various TV and movie series that started at her tender age of 7 years. She was active in acting from 1979-1995 that earned her a global recognition. She is best known for her role in the 1987 romantic comedy “Can’t Buy Me Love”.

She acted for 15 years in Hollywood movies before she took a break from the spotlight. In 1986, Amanda was crowned as the Best Young Actress starring in a Television Drama series for NBC’s “Boone”. At her demise in 2015 her net worth was evaluated at $50 thousands US dollars.

Amanda Peterson Net Worth 2017-2018

She was born on July 8, 1971 in Greely, Colorado in the United States. She was the youngest of three children. Her dad was known as James Peterson who was an ear, nose and throat specialist and her mum Sylvia. She graduated from University high School from West Los Angeles, California and enrolled in at Middlebury College in Middlebury but dropped out in 1994.

She died on 3rd July, 2015 at her home in Colorado five days before her 44th birthday. Her body was later to be discovered on July 5 by police when her family became suspicious as she had missed a family dinner.

She was married twice and had two children. First she was married to Joseph Robert Skutvik and they divorced. After their divorce she married David Hartley but at the time of her death it was reported they had divorced. Between 2000 and 2012 she was arrested 5 times for offenses such as third degree assault, harassment and being in possession of drug paraphernalia.

Peterson started her film career at a tender age. She made her first stage appearance at the age of 7 as a Gretl in the University of Northern Colorado’s production “The Sound of Music”. Before she was 8 she appeared in a musical film “Annie” as a dancing extra. Later she was to land guest spots on “Father Murphy” and “silver Spoons”.

Her well-built career earned her an appearance in more than 40 TV commercials. Between 1983 and 1984 she starred during the “NBC” drama series “Boone” that was later cancelled. She won her first starring role in 1985 featuring in the film “Explores”. When she was 15 she was cast in the teen comedy “Boy Rents Girl” which was shot in Tucson, Arizona but the tittle was later changed. It was renamed “Can’t Buy Me Love”.

It received contradicting reviews but emerged the hit after it was released. The film made the teen magazines “Tiger Beat” and “Teen Beat” use Peterson as their covers in 1988. In 1994 after the film “Windrunner” she retired from the entertainment industry.

How much is Amanda Peterson Net Worth

At the age of 43 Peterson was worth $50 thousand US dollars at the time of her death. She owed this fortune to the success of her career as an actor.

Before she met her death Peterson won various award and achievements. She was known globally for her comedy “can’t Buy Me Love’’. She was one of the most talented actors in the entertainment industry and many consider her a legend. She won the Young Artist Award in the young artist award category in 1988.