Emily Wickersham Net Worth

Who is Emily Wickersham and what is her net worth 2018? Born on 26 April 1984 at Kansas, Emily Kaiser Wickersham is an American actor with a stunning personality. Blessed with hazel colored eyes, she possesses one of the most bewitching smiles in the Hollywood industry. In fact, her character is as adorable as her smile is.

The youngest of three siblings, she had a great interest in acting. Her father was a mechanic and her mother, a homemaker. She waited until she completed her education before trying her hand at acting. In spite of having a late entry into the field, she has picked up very fast.

Emily Wickersham Net Worth 2018-2019

Emily Wickersham is famous for her role as NCIS Special Agent Eleanor Bishop on NCIS. She got her break in this series after the departure of actor Cote de Pablo. Initially chosen for a three-episode stint, she became a regular on the show. In addition to this role, she has acted in other TV shows such as Late Night with David Letterman, The Sopranos, etc.

She has acted in about six films to date, the most memorable role coming in ‘Gone’.

Her spouse is musician Blake Hanley. She exchanged vows with him on 23 November 2010 on Little palm Island in the Florida Keys.

Education: Normally, you do not see actors coming with great educational backgrounds. Of course, you have exceptions such as Emily Wickersham. She had a decent run in school and college as well before graduating from Muhlenberg College, Allentown, Pennsylvania. In fact, she is one of the notable alumni of this college. She completed her education before entering the field of acting. This proves that she has a tremendously mature head on her shoulders.

Emily Wickersham Net Worth

Emily Wickersham net worth is $2.5 million. Most of her earnings have been because of her stellar performances in the NCIS. For a person with a career as short as Emily, this is a definitely good worth.

If you are looking for financial assets, she must be having lots of them including a house in Los Angeles. Her greatest asset has to be her captivating smile and exemplary character. No one can match these two qualities. In spite of her attractiveness, she has never been involved in any kind of scandal or gossip. This is one of her greatest assets as well. The gossip mongers have tried to link her name to many people but never displayed her affections in public towards these men. She had reserved her best for Blake Hanley, her husband.

One of the most beautiful faces ever to grace Hollywood and the TV industry, Emily is famous for her portrayal of Eleanor ‘Ellie’ Bishop in the TV series NCIS. She captivated the entire cast with her mature performances. Therefore, they extended her three-episode role to cover more than 60 episodes. This speaks volumes of her talent.

She has played many roles in TV serials subsequent to her joining the industry. However, none can match her performance at NCIS. In fact, she is still performing since 2013.

One must admit that she did not have a decent run in the film industry until date. However, with her enormous talent behind her, she has the capability to shine here as well.

She has done some memorable roles in the TV serials such as The Bridge, The gardener of Eden, etc.

She is an avid fan of social media and is very active on Instagram. Of course, you can expect the most photogenic face in Hollywood to have deep connections with the photo-sharing app, Instagram.

Emily comes across as a very positive person. She values her family relations a lot. She loves going on holidays with her husband. She does not have any children yet. However, you can be sure of one thing. She will ensure that her children will get the best education possible. By all accounts, she is a popular star in her own right.