Zachary Quinto Net Worth

Currently of age 40, Zachary Quinto is acknowledged as an American based actor as well as a film producer. This actor is greatest identified for his characters played as Sylar on a science fiction type drama series entitled Heroes (from period of 2006 till 2010), as Spock in the reboot entitled Star Trek as well as its sequels namely Star Trek Into Darkness and Star Trek Beyond, and his Emmy nominated based performance noted in American Horror Story: Asylum. The actor even performed in minor roles on TV series like The Slap, So NoTORIous, and 24. Net worth of Zachary Quinto is amassed from two major career endeavours i.e. acting and film production, get further details below:

Birthplace of Quinto is Pittsburgh, and he was brought up in Green Tree, located in Pennsylvania. His mother named Margaret J. “Margo” served at one investment firm and afterwards worked at a magistrate’s office. On the other hand, his father named Joseph John “Joe” Quinto, known as a barber, passed away due to cancer while Quinto was just of age seven years.

Zachary Quinto Net Worth 2017-2018

He and his brother named Joe were later brought up by their mother. He has completed graduation from a high school in year 1995, wherein he partook in its musicals. Moreover, he has received Gene Kelly Award in category of Best Supporting Actor, and later he appeared in drama school, and from there he did graduation in year 1999.

Quinto initially performed on television in a short-lived type TV series entitled as The Others. Moreover, he too performed as a guest celebrity on shows like Touched by an Angel, CSI, Six Feet Under, Charmed, L.A. Dragnet and Lizzie McGuire.

In year 2003, in a theatrical run held of Endgame by leadership of Samuel Beckett, which was directed by Kristina Lloyd, performing the character of Clov, he was featured in a recurrent role as computer proficient named Adam Kaufman on famous Fox series entitled 24; Quinto also performed in total 23 episodes of the season three.

In year 2006, Zachary Quinto performed a role of Sasan: the arrogant, gay Iranian-American based good friend of Tori Spelling right on her famous VH1 series entitled So NoTORIous. Afterwards in that year, he has joined a cast of Heroes in form of Gabriel Gray, well known as a serial killer named Sylar. He also served on a series till its annulment during year 2010 after continuing for four seasons.

In year 2008, he has joined along with Corey Moosa as well as Neal Dodson to create Before the Door Pictures. This company has produced some projects in television, film, new media, as well as issued total two graphic novels inside a deal made with a comic book publisher named Archaia Entertainment:

How much is Zachary Quinto Net worth in 2017

Zachary Quinto is extensively referred to as an actor as well as a film producer attaining noticeable net worth of $15 million US dollars as of 2017. This actor has stayed a member of minimum two TV shows or films which have stimulated cult followings:

The NBC super hero drama named Heroes as well as Star Trek reboot by J.J Abrams. He even noted his TV debut on a series entitled The Others, the one which he followed through guest appearances made on TV shows like Six Feet Under, Touched By An Angel, and Lizzie McGuire.

In year 2003, he launched his leading recurring role, a role of technology proficient named Adam on famous FOX action series entitled as 24. He also earned well, when after three years, during year 2006, he was featured in what has turned as his moniker role, known as a role of the super powered serial killer named Sylar on famous NBC drama named Heroes.

Right from early 2000s, Zachary Quinto has landed roles in different films in varying genres and he also worked as film producer. He was capable to establish his intense sense of humour in manners that several viewers had never noticed earlier.