Woody Harrelson Net Worth

Who Is Woody Harrelson and what is his net worth 2018? The entertainment industry is filled with many stars that always grace our televisions and making our days better with their talent skills. It is hard to imagine the world that has no entertainment. Actually, it is impossible. We are so used to the daily entertainment from our favourite actors and actresses as well as TV personalities that they have become part of our daily routine.

Even so, we cannot help but love them for their works. I am sure we all have favourites and we judge them basing on different qualities other than their talents because all of them are talented. Therefore, whatever special features that make them our favourite, it is a secret to us all.

Woody Harrelson Net Worth

One of the greatest and talented actors that we love dearly is Woody Harrelson who is officially known as Woodrow Tracy Harrelson. Woody was born in the year 1961 in the month of June. He is an actor, a playwright, director, and activist. His mother was called Diane and his father was called Charles Voyde Harrelson who was a hit man. He got arrested and convicted for the murder of a judge.

Woody studied at Lebanon High School after his mother moved to Lebanon, Ohio following the conviction of her husband. Throughout his High School years, he worked as a woodcarver. He later joined Hanover College found in Hanover. In 1983, he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Theater and English which was a major achievement for him.

In the year 1985, Woody featured in a sitcom called Cheers which was a great success in as much as he joined the cast in the fourth season. He played the role of a bartender called Woody Boyd and he managed to be nominated for an Emmy Awards for five times. He only won once and it was in the year 1989. He also features in Cheers spinoff called Frasier. In the year 2009, he also featured in The Colbert Report which was a comedy central show. Most people know and love him from his film alongside Wesley Snipes in White Men Can’t Jump.

Other than the mentioned films, he has also taken part in many other countless films and series over the years. He has co-starred with many other talented and well-known actors and actresses in the field who have contributed in sharpening his acting skills. I like him for his role in Friends with Benefits and Hunger Games. These are my favourites. One of his major achievements includes his own play that he directed called Furthest From the Sun. it was staged at the Theater de la Jeune Lune.

Woody has been nominated around 38 times for numerous awards under different categories. He has also won a number of awards and these awards come to a total of 13 from the year 1987. From all these nominations and awards, we can see that he is indeed great at what he does and his talent is apparent to all.

Woody Harrelson Net Worth

Woody Harrelson’s net worth is approximated $68 million. Well, I hope you did not expect anything less because all those films he has taken part and all the other side hustles are worth a lot.

We are glad that all his hard work pays off this big. He deserves it after putting in all the work he does to his career as an actor, director, playwright, and activist. It is a good thing to know that people still have passion for all these fields of work and Woody has shown us that.